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If you’re already familiar with Patriot Products, Inc.’s line of rugged lawn vacuums, wood chipper shredders, and ergonomic gardening tools, our aim is to answer your questions and help you have a fantastic looking yard while saving time and money.

If you’re new to Patriot Products, here’s a little background. We launched The Patriot Company in 1992 to build a better wood chipper at a lower price than any other on the market. Our idea took off and, within a few years, we’d sold more than 20,000 chippers and lawn vacs.

In 2000, we moved to Pewaukee, Wisconsin, expanded our product line, increased our retailer list, and launched our website. Along the way, our products garnered wide recognition, including Consumer Digest magazine Best Buys and top honors from National Home Gardening Club testers, scoring several of their Member Tested and Recommended Seals.

Today, we offer two models of lawn vacuums, seven models of wood chipper shredders (including an electric model), high quality gardening tools, and a variety of accessories.

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