Patriot Leaf Shredder for Fall Lawn Care

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Leaf Clean Up and Other Fall Yard Work is Easy with Patriot Products

Chipper shredders from Patriot Products make autumn yard cleanup a breeze. Yard work during the fall is more of a hassle than normal due to the sheer volume of leaves and debris covering your lawn. A leaf shredder is the perfect tool to take care of the excessive leaves which inevitably come with the fall season. The mass of leaves placed in a leaf shredder is heavily cut down for easy clean up and the processed material is the perfect mulch or compost. Patriot Products wants your yard work to be as quick and easy as ever, so we provide only the highest quality lawn maintenance equipment. We offer a line of superior chipper shredders and lawn vacuums to keep your yard in top shape.

You’re going to have to clean leaves and debris from your yard every year. Make it quicker and easier with Patriot Products.

1.5 HP Electric Leaf Shredder Tackles Mountains of Leaves

The 1.5 HP electric leaf shredder is a small and mighty piece of lawn care equipment. Perfect for yard work on a more modest area of land, this one of a kind electric chipper shredder can handle a large capacity of leaves and branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Our electric leaf shredder provides the power of a gas chipper shredder with the convenience of electric power. No oil or gas means zero fumes, allowing this leaf shredder to be used in garages, workshops and other confined areas. This fall, trust the 1.5 HP electric leaf shredder to help you power through your yard work.

4 HP Gas Leaf Shredder Offers Superior Power to Take on Leaves and Branches

The high performance 4 HP gas leaf shredder provides heavy duty power to help yard cleanup quicker and more efficient.

This gas chipper shredder works virtually anywhere, quickly shredding an unmatched amount of leaves and branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter. If you have a small amount of property 3/4 of an acre or less, this leaf shredder is perfect to take on even the toughest yard clean up. With a lightweight construction and durable wheels, this leaf shredder is easily transported, allowing you to cover all areas of your property for thorough lawn maintenance. Fall has arrived, so let the 4 HP gas leaf shredder provide high efficiency leaf shredding power to keep your lawn looking fantastic.

High Quality Leaf Shredders Equipped with Superior Power for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fall has arrived, bringing Halloween, pumpkins, and a mass of leaves covering your yard. Patriot’s superior chipper shredders help you efficiently and thoroughly tackle leaf clean up, producing fine mulch and compost. Whether you’re looking for gas or electric leaf shredders, Patriot has you covered. Our chipper shredders will provide years of heavy duty shredding power for many fall seasons. From piles of leaves to stray branches, our leaf shredders can take on a variety of matrial. When you’re looking for more equipment to make lawn maintenance easy, Patriot also has high quality, high efficiency lawn vacuums available for purchase. With the powerful chipper shredders and lawn vacuums from Patriot Products, fall yard work is both quick and easy. What are you waiting for?

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