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Wood chipper shredders, lawn vacuum blowers and wood chipping accessories: Patriot Products manufactures the best wood chippers for homeowners and professionals alike.

Our gas and electric wood chippers eat leaves and branches faster, work longer, and produce the smallest chips for rich, healthy compost. The Patriot wood chipper buyer’s guide will make it easy to select the exact chipper you need.

Patriot’s chipper blower vacuums are ideal for large, flat areas. Suck up leaves and twigs with the powerful vacuum, chip branches with the built in chipper cone, or flip a switch to transform the machine into a high performance leaf blower. These machines pack enough power to dwarf any handheld leaf blower.

We also supply high quality handheld garden tools- you’re going to need them with the fine mulch your Patriot chipper is going to produce. Whether you purchase our gas or electric wood chippers, lawn vacuums, or ergonomic gardening tools, our lawn care equipment will fulfill your needs.

Electric Wood Chippers for Sale Online

Electric wood chippers are now available among our extensive line of equipment from Patriot Products. The electric chipper is designed to dominate large and small projects. Our powerful 1.5 HP electric wood chipper leaf shredder chops up branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter into coin sized pieces. The CSV-2515 electric wood chipper:

  • Pulverizes branches into mulch
  • Compact and easily transported
  • Much less maintenance needed
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

Check out electric wood chippers for sale online by Patriot Products, Inc. today.

Gas Wood Chippers from 4hp to 10hp

Our commanding gas powered chippers are sure to come in handy when the fall and spring seasons sneak up on you. Heavy duty wood chippers from Patriot Products are ideal for large residential properties or wooded commercial lots. These powerful wood chippers shred leaves and chew up 3” diameter branches in a matter of seconds.

Our gas powered wood chippers include:

See all gas wood chippers from Patriot Products today.

Gas-Powered Leaf Vacuum Blowers

Our line of gas powered leaf vacuum blowers provides your lawn the long, healthy life it deserves. With our three-in-one machines you can vacuum leaves and debris while chipping and shredding branches and limbs. The gas leaf blower simultaneously functions as a powerful leaf blower, providing maximum versatility for commercial and residential jobs. From professional lawn care and landscaping companies to home owners looking for a dependable leaf shredder, this line offers equipment to suit all.

Buy gas powered leaf vacuum blowers from Patriot Products, Inc. now.

Ergonomic Hand Tools and Gardening Equipment for Sale Online

Patriot Products’ RADIUS garden tools are designed to provide power and performance in your garden while easing the stress on your hands and wrists. We lessen the pain and get the job done without taking a toll on the body. Backed by our wood chipper manufacturer warranties, our company promise to deliver quality on each and every product in our lawn equipment line. Each product is cautiously constructed for maximum performance, complete with a 90-day return guarantee.

When you need lawn and garden equipment, Patriot Products, Inc. delivers. Our line has been built around our commitment to exceed customer expectations in regard to performance, durability, power and quality.

Check out our full line of wood chipper shredders, lawn vacuum blowers, and ergonomic hand tools above.

Contact the wood chipper manufacturers at Patriot Products, Inc. today for more information on our superb lawn care equipment.