Electric Chipper Buying Guide

Electric Wood Chippers vs Gas Wood Chippers: What to Buy

Electric Chipper vs Gas Chipper

The difference between an electric chipper vs. a gas wood chipper comes down to convenience vs raw power.

Electric chippers are easier to use, don’t require engine maintenance, and don’t emit fumes. Gas powered chippers have none of this convenience but they have the punch to break down thick branches much faster.

Patriot’s electric chipper is unarguably the most powerful electric chipper available, competing with many smaller gas wood chippers while totally outclassing any other electric chipper. Still, it runs off a wall outlet, so it can’t be as strong as a Patriot 4hp gas wood chipper.

Both gas and electric wood chippers significantly reduce the bulk of your yard waste and make disposal easy- whether you’re a homeowner or a landscaping professional. Both types of wood chippers are useful to gardeners and landscapers. The fine mulch generated by chipper shredders can be recycled to create compost, pave walkways and line flowerbeds. If you’re interested in recycling and keeping the environment green, you may want to stick to the environmentally friendly electric chipper.

Choosing the Right Chipper for the Project

Depending on the size of your project area or home property, one wood chipper definitely has benefits over the other. For instance, if you’re looking for a wood chipper for commercial use, you’ll want a cordless, heavy-duty chipper such as the CSV-3100B Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder with its 10hp gas engine. On the other hand, for simple projects and a small yard, the electric wood chipper is a better option. It also wins out if you have a lot more leaves than branches.

Pros Cons
Electric Chippers
  • Runs quieter and cleaner
  • Can be used safely indoors
  • Does not require oil changes/spark plug replacements
  • Less Expensive
  • Doesn’t produce as much power
  • Needs to be plugged in
Gas Chippers
  • More powerful
  • Faster branch chipping
  • Handle larger loads
  • Goes anywhere, no cords
  • Makes louder noise
  • Produce gas fumes
  • Usually more expensive

Clearly, one chipper is not better than the other.  Decide based on your wood chipping needs and the thickness of the branches you’ll be mulching. Patriot always provides excellent customer support. We’ll help you decide which model better fits you, whether it’s an electric or gas wood chipper.

Check out our wood chipper buyer’s guide to get the right wood chipper for your yard.

Check out our wood chipper buyer’s guide to get the right wood chipper for your yard.