Wood Chipper Auctions from the Best Leaf Shredder Manufacturers

Chipper Shredders for Sale on eBay

In an effort to reach new customers Patriot Products will frequently auction a wood chipper or lawn vacuum on eBay. These are brand new units in the original packaging and come with a new unit warranty. The auctions do not have a reserve price and they will sell to the highest bidder. Sometimes these units sell at a discount. We view this as a form of advertising.

Please note that others may auction new or used units on eBay from time to time, so you need to make sure that the eBay seller is patriotproductsinc to be sure you are purchasing the product directly from Patriot. eBay auctions by others do not come with the manufacturer’s warranty and we do not guarantee that the unit is complete.

We will only sell ONE unit per auction. You need to be the highest bidder in order to get a unit at the selling price. We suggest that you bid sufficiently early so that you don’t get outbid as time expires. eBay has a nice feature that allows you to set a maximum bid and they will automatically make bids for you as long as the next required minimum bid does not exceed your limit. Just because you specify a maximum amount, it does not mean that your final bid will reach that amount.

Units sold at our eBay auctions do not qualify for our free shipping offer. Since we have no control over the final selling price of the auctioned unit, we cannot afford to offer free shipping. You can avoid shipping charges by making arrangements to pick up the unit at our facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. We are required to charge you 5.1% Wisconsin sales tax on all units picked up at our factory.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our eBay store front then please shop wood chippers for sale online today from Patriot Products, Inc. We encourage our customers to check out our wide selection of refurbished and used chipper shredders available online.

Contact the wood chipper auction experts at Patriot Products, Inc. today for more information on our eBay auctions and our wide selection of used chipper shredders.