Wood Chipper Videos from Lawn Care Equipment Manufacturer

CSV-3100B vs CSV-3090H

Electric Chipper Shredder Processing Cardboard

Leaf Vacuum Blowers Demonstration Videos

Patriot has created informational video clips demonstrating our products in an effort to better educate potential customers. Many of our customers regularly come up with interesting uses for Patriot’s products. If you have an unusual use in mind, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your idea.

Our demonstrational videos showcase the true power of Patriot chipper shredders and lawn vacuums.  Whether you want to see Patriot chippers shredding unique objects like redeemed bottle caps or simply want to witness our powerful chippers in action, you will find these demonstrations helpful and interesting.  Watch our powerful 10hp gas wood chipper chew through maple branches up to 3 inches in diameter or the energy efficient 1.5hp electric chipper shred piles of leaves in seconds. Our wood chippers and leaf blower vacuums make yard work faster and easier.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with any of our reliable lawn maintenance equipment.

We will be continually adding video clips as they become available so please check back frequently.

After viewing our informational videos, please shop leaf vacuum blowers, wood chipper shredders, and ergonomic hand tools online from Patriot Products, Inc.

Contact the branch chipper manufacturers at Patriot Products today for more information on our excellent lawn care equipment.