Chipper Blower Vac Provides Quick Yard Debris Cleanup

The Patriot lawn vacuum is a 3 in one machine.  It comes standard with this powerful 7 horsepower Tecumseh engine, it’s also available as a 5.5 horsepower leaf vacuum blowers with a Honda GX commercial engine.  As a 3 in 1 machine, it will suck up leaves clearing a path 24 inches wide.  You can also chip branches up to 2 inches in diameter and it has a built in blower which blows out air at 145 miles per hour.  Another interesting design feature of the Patriot is how, when the air travels through the machine, it’s discharged out down away from the operator.  You can use the vacuum feature to pick up leaves, pine needles, acorns, and small twigs.  If you encounter branches while you’re vacuuming there’s no need to turn off the vacuum.  Simply run the branches down the chipping cone and, when you’re finished, continue on your way vacuuming up the leaves. The leaves, needles, and chips are all collected in the large 4 bushel collection bag. The bag can be emptied by removing the bag or more simply by opening up the large access panel on the back side of the bag.  The chipper will make quick work of branches up to 2 inches in diameter, grinding them into coin sized chips.  You can set the chipper to discharge the chips into the collection bag or out onto the ground.  The horizontally mounted rotor makes for a very gentle feed of branches into the chipper.  The blower can be used to blow leaves off your lawn, or like in this case you can blow leaves and clippings off of your hard surfaced driveway, sidewalk, or deck.  The Patriot CBV is a great total yard cleanup machine.

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