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Electric Wood Chippers


These powerful electric chippers compete with mid-sized gas wood chippers, shredding through piles of leaves and pulverizing branches. Patriot electric chippers don’t release fumes and are even safe to use indoors.

These chippers boast 1.5 horsepower motors, easily chewing through branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Your autumn leaves don’t stand a chance. If you need an even meaner wood chipper, keep reading below…

The Electric Chipper Shredder Line Includes:


CSV-2515 Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder 1.5 hp Electric

The CSV-2515 Wood Chipper, is a 1.5 hp electric wood chipper and leaf shredder. This electric chipper chews branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter and keeps coming back for more. It operates more cleanly than gas powered wood chippers and relies on standard 110 outlets for its power. This leaf shredder is so reliable it’s gained Consumers Digest Magazine “Best Buy” status twice, among other honors.


CSV-2515I – Chipper Shredder 1.5 hp International

The CSV-2515I wood chipper is a 1.5 hp wood chipper designed to run on international current. This powerful little chipper easily shreds branches, leaves, and yard debris, turning everything in to fine mulch and composting material. This unit runs on 240 volts and is designed specifically for European outlets and current flow.

At Patriot Products, we are proud to deliver a chipper shredder line that’s head and shoulders above the competition. We offer the performance you need along with quality that’s guaranteed.

Contact the wood chipper shredder sales team at Patriot Products, Inc. for more information on our high quality line of lawn vac blowers and ergonomic garden tools.