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While every machine in the Patriot Products’ line is designed for maximum durability and performance, sometimes parts and accessories are needed. We deliver with the items you need and a few extras that can enhance your experience as a Patriot product owner.

Patriot Products has been providing high quality professional and residential grade lawn equipment to the marketplace since 1992. From Day One, we have made it our commitment to deliver excellence with every sale. Our lawn equipment machines have received numerous national honors and have been tested to perform at or above expectations. We pride ourselves on incorporating performance, value and durability into each of our designs.

When it is time to purchase parts, extras or accessories, Patriot delivers what you need with a line that includes:

  • Parts – We offer replacement parts for our chipper-shredder-vac and chipper-blower-vac lines. These items make maintaining Patriot machines easy and convenient. Our line of replacement parts includes everything from chipper cones to wheels and beyond.
  • Accessories – While our machines deliver serious performance right out of the box, sometimes special accessories are needed to handle specific jobs. Patriot has this base covered. Whether it’s a Gator Grabber, Chipper Buddy, cover, or special collection bag that’s required, we have it in stock.
  • Compost guide – We offer an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to making compost in 14 days. Written by the editors of Organic Gardening Magazine, this book takes readers through the process step by step. This is an excellent companion to go along with any of our chippers and lawn vacuums.

Patriot Products has your parts and accessory needs covered. From how to tackle a job to making sure your machinery stays in tiptop condition, we have what you require to make outdoor work efficient and even more enjoyable.

Buy chipper shredder parts and accessories for sale online today from Patriot Products, Inc., your top supplier of the highest quality lawn care equipment available in today’s market.

Contact the lawn vacuum parts manufacturers at Patriot Products, Inc. with any questions or concerns regarding our wood chipper shredder replacement components and accessories.