Gas and Electric Wood Chippers and Gator Grabber Cleanup Tool

Young: this is John Young with the Weekend Handyman. We are at the National Hardware Show here in Las Vegas. We’re looking at some of the cool stuff here. And that brought me over to the Patriot booth because Keith has got this really cool… the Gator Grabber. I envision using this in certain ways, but you were telling us what this is designed for.

Keith: It’s designed for picking up leaves, nuts, garden waste, and you can pick it up and put it into your wheelbarrow, or in our case, we like to have you pick it up and put it into your Patriot Chipper. And it’ll shred up the leaves. Telescoping handle, very lightweight.

Young: And they lock?

Keith: Yes, turn the handle and it locks.

Young: Oh, very nice. Very lightweight, very easy. I can see someone who’s got a little bit of a back problem and still wants to be out in the yard.

Keith: Absolutely.

Young: Wow, very nice. And of course you took it, now, you were showing us, into your chipper now. Looks like I’m seeing a couple of different chippers here. Tell us a little bit more about your chipper systems.

Keith: Sure, we make our chippers just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Young: Nice, that’s close to our headquarters.

Keith: It’s kind of a high-end chipper, I like to call it. Our best seller is our electric chipper. Our electric will do up to a 2 ½” diameter branch. You put leaves, garden waste, that sort of thing in the top, branches, cornstalks, anything rigid goes down the cone here. And it all discharges out the side. It comes standard with a collection bag, but if you don’t use the bag it’ll blow it about 10 feet away. So you could work in the same spot all day long without ever having to move the product.

Young: Now how fine does that—when it’s chipping up branches and such?

Keith: Well, it does a great job on dry leaves. This is a sample of what it does with dried leaves.

Young: Oh my.

Keith: Yes, these are dried oak leaves. Great for your compost pile. And then, we have the smallest chips in the business. This is what it does when you put a branch down the cone on the front. Nice mulch around your trees.

Young: What a great mulch that would make.

Keith: On your pathway.

Young: Looks beautiful.

Keith: Yes, it does very nice job. You don’t have to buy it, you can make your own.

Young: Yeah, for sure. Clean up the yard and make your own mulch at the same time. You said this was electric. Now, I’m looking at the gas one.

Keith: This is the 10 horsepower gas wood chipper. We have them in gas in a 4, a 6, a 9, and a 10.

Young: So this is your big one.

Keith: This is the big one. It can do up to a 3” diameter branch. And we use the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. That’s their top of the line engine.

Young: Very nice engine. So you put the waste in and the 3 inch and it comes out the side, and everything is… nice, great. If people wanted more information, where would they go?

Keith: They can go to Patriot Products. If you search us on the internet under Patriot Products, we’ll come up. We have a webpage there. We also have an eBay storefront and an Amazon storefront.

Young: Very good, so you can find all sorts of ways to get in touch. This is John Young with the Weekend Handyman.