CSV-2515 Portable Chipper Shredding Yard Debris

This is our award winning electric chipper-shredder.  Today we’re showing you how this Consumer Digest rated best buy can process your leaves.  The large 18 by 20 inch opening makes loading a snap.  The key to smooth shredding is to allow the leaves to cascade down into the hopper.  Avoid dumping a large pile into the hopper all at once, as it may overwhelm the machine.  Our electric is a little bit of a celebrity.  The HGTV hit show “I Want That” featured the Patriot electric chipper.  They chose our electric chipper shredder because it’s so easy to operate.  No hassles with gas and oil; simply flip the switch and you’re ready to go to work.  A great advantage to our electric chipper is that in order to clean it out you simply tip it on its side and flush it out with a garden hose.  The electric Patriot weighs less than 100 pounds.  The large wheels and built in handle make it easy to move around your yard.  The members of the National Home Gardening Club tested our electric chipper and they gave it their Member Tested and Recommended seal of approval.  Why don’t you avoid those gas fumes and let this eco-friendly tool turn your yard waste into fine, reusable mulch.  Its quick, it’s easy, and it’s even a little fun.

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