Do you have mostly
Leaves or Wood?


Is your lot flat
and free of rocks?



Do you have an acre
or more to clear?



Do you like power
and speed?


I thought this was America.



Find out which wood chipper you need.

Electric Chipper 1.5 Horsepower CSV-2515


Electric wood chipper - 1.5hp
Great for 1/2 acre lots, 2.5" branches Eco-friendly, no fumes. Quieter.
13.5A electric workhorse.

There's no outlet nearby!

Chipper Blower Vac 6.5 Horsepower CBV-2465B


Chipper blower vacuum - 6.5hp Perfect for large, flat lots.
Clears 24" path of leaves, twigs.
Chips 2" thick branches

Upgrade to Honda engine

Chipper Blower Vac 5.5 Horsepower CBV-2455H


Same lawn vacuum,
Slick Honda engine. 5.5hp.
Quieter, even easier to start.

Gas Wood Chipper 4 Horsepower CSV-2540B


Wood Chipper - 4hp gas engine
Great for 3/4 acre lots, 2.5" branches Balance of fuel economy and power. Shreds huge piles of leaves.

Upgrade to Honda engine

Gas Wood Chipper 4 Horsepower CSV-2540B


Same wood chipper,
Slick Honda engine. 4hp.
Quieter, even easier to start.

Wood Chipper 6.5 Horsepower CSV-3065B


Wood chipper - 6.5hp gas engine Great for 1 acre lots, 3" branches. Heavy duty rotor chips faster.
Shreds mountains of leaves.

Wood Chipper 10 Horsepower CSV 3100B


Wood chipper - 10hp gas engine Great for 1+ acre lots, 3" branches. Fastest, most powerful chipper. Annihilates leaves for prime mulch.

Upgrade to Honda engine

Wood Chipper 9 Horsepower CSV-3090H


Same wood chipper,
Slick Honda engine. 9hp.
Quieter, even easier to start.

Which Patriot Wood Chipper Do I Need?

Electric Wood Chippers and Mid-Sized Gas Chippers

If you are a homeowner who needs to rid the lawn of large amounts of leaves and small branches on rough terrain, the 1.5hp electric chipper shredder provides a quiet, less messy option. If you have to chip branches more than 100ft from an electrical outlet, our 4hp gas wood chippers are a great choice for yards less than 1 acre. Our 4hp gas wood chippers are available with a Briggs and Stratton engine or can be upgraded to a quieter, more powerful Honda engine.

Still not sure if you want gas or electric? Our electric chipper buying guide goes into more detail.

Chipper Blower Vacuums

Commercial and residential property owners with flat yards, parking lots, and driveways benefit immensely from our chipper blower vacuums. These heavy duty lawn vacuums are available with a 6.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine or a 5.5hp Honda engine. The lawn vacuums can clear paths up to 24” and chip branches up to 2” in diameter. They also transform into powerful leaf blowers, outclassing any handheld leaf blower with dramatically greater horsepower.

High-Powered Wood Chippers

Need a wood chipper for properties over 1 acre with large amounts of wood? Our 6.5hp gas wood chippers are ideal. The 6.5hp chipper shredder is great for 1 acre lots and is powerful enough to shred mountains of leaves and branches up to 3” in diameter. This chipper provides the perfect balance between fuel economy and power.

The 10hp gas wood chipper from Patriot Products is our most powerful. This chipper shredder annihilates leaves and chews up branches up to 3” in diameter into coin sized pieces. Upgrade to the 9hp Honda engine gas wood chipper for a quieter, easier starting chipper shredder.

Browse our selection of top of the line wood chippers from Patriot Products today.