6.5 hp Wood Chipper Shredder, Gas Briggs Engine


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Chips branches like it’s going out of fashion. And it’s not.

  • 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard commercial grade gas engine
  • Chips rigid materials such as branches up to 3 inches in diameter
  • Great for moderate to heavy wood chipping
  • Powerful, reduces yard waste volume up to 20:1

Click here for detailed gas wood chipper leaf shredder assembly instructions


Patriot Model CSV-3065B
6.5 hp Gas Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder

The CSV-3065B has a powerful 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine that allows you to chip a 3 inch diameter branch into tiny coin-sized chips. The shredder will make short work of leaves and other vegetative material. The Vanguard engine is engineered to robustly power this chipper dependably day after day. The engine features a low oil shutdown, a premium lo-tone muffler, and a one-pull start carburetor. This commercial grade engine with its long stroke and high RPM level allow it to out work many of our competitors’ much larger chippers. This hungry machine is ideal for reducing your yard waste as much as 20:1. Our unique side discharge design allows you to process the material directly into the standard collection bag or blow it out away from your machine. You can work all day in the same position without having to shut down and move the material away from your chipper. The processed material will be ideal for mulching around your plantings. This unit comes with a 3-year warranty for homeowners and 90 days for commercial users.

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CSV-3065B Patriot Model CSV-3065B Gas Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder $1699.00
888000266 Patriot Mini Grease Gun
888000227 Patriot CSV Chipper Buddy $75.00
888000061 Spare “Standard” CSV Collection Bag $60.00
888000100 “Jumbo” CSV Leaf Collection Bag $70.00
888000232 Gator Grabber $75.00
888000082 CSV Cover $85.00
888000064 CSV Tow Bar $180.00
990000015 Spare Chipper Knife Kit For CSV-3065B
NOTE: THE CHIPPING KNIVES OF YOUR PATRIOT WOOD CHIPPER SHOULD BE SHARPENED AFTER EVERY 6 TO 8 HOURS OF ACTUAL CHIPPING TIME. Frequently, customers that plan to do a lot of chipping will order a spare knife kit so they don’t have to stop in the middle of a project to sharpen the knives.
993090035 Spare Shredding Y-hammers Kit For CSV-3065B $85.00

Additional information

Weight 121 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 26 × 28 in

Why Patriot?

Why Buy a CSV-3065B

Is this the right model for you?

Our model CSV-3065B is ideally suited for the “wooded lot” property owner (up to 1 acre) whose intent is to use this machine half of the time to shred up leaves and other vegetative matter and the other half of the time to chip up those branches (up to 3″ in diameter) generated during routine yard maintenance.

Why Buy A Patriot?

Easy to Load Shredding Hopper

Patriot’s CSV-3065B has a large hopper to allow easy loading of leaves and vegetative material into the machine for shredding. The opening at the top of the hopper is 16″ long and 14″ wide so you can easily deposit debris for processing.

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Just for reference, the opening at the base of the hopper narrows to 7″ long x 2″ wide. So if you were hoping to shred whole coconuts or grapefruit, this isn’t the machine for you.

Tapered Chipping Cone

Patriot’s CSV-3065B has a tapered chipping cone that makes it easy to feed rigid materials such as branches and sunflower or corn stalks into the chipper. The opening at the top of the cone is 7″ in diameter so you can easily deposit debris for processing without pruning them down to perfectly straight pieces with no offshoots.

See video of Patriot’s products in action

The opening at the base of the cone limits the diameter of materials to be chipped to 3″.

Heavy Rotor

Now that your yard waste has safely entered our electric wood chipper leaf shredder it meets a formidable opponent, the rotor. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds and measuring roughly 14″ in diameter, this is where things happen!

In this photo you see the front of the rotor and this unit’s two chipping knives (painted blue here for ease of identification). Patriot’s chipping knives are made of high quality tool steel, selected for its toughness, and are heat treated for wear resistance. Spinning past the end of the chipping cone the chipping knife is ready, willing, and able to turn your freshly pruned branches into coin-sized chips that make great mulch. These knives can reduce the volume of your freshly pruned branches by as much as 20:1. To sharpen the knives, simply remove the 3 nuts that attach the chipper cone to the housing and the 2 screws that attach each of the knives to the rotor. Sharpen using a simple wet stone or high quality file.

Click here to see Patriot chipper shredder output samples

It merits taking a moment here to point out that any wood chipper that uses chipping knives is designed to process FRESHLY CUT BRANCHES. The chipping knives are able to slice through this fresh material which makes for smoother, faster, easier chipping. We realize that everyone gets the occasional dead branch that falls out of a tree that needs to be chipped and the unit can handle those occasional branches. However, you will be sorely disappointed if you are intending to purchase this chipper to get rid of that mountain of nearly petrified wood that your spouse has been nagging you about for years.

While the chipper knives do their job with a touch of finesse, the y-hammers (painted blue here for ease of identification) are the bullies of the chipper shredder rotor. These six thick, heavy, hardened pieces of steel will beat and tear apart material dropped in the hopper. Dried leaves will be pulverized and slightly greener materials will be beaten to a pulp. Working together, the y-hammers provide a volume reduction of about 8:1 for leaves.

Click here to see Patriot chipper shredder output samples

Commercial Grade Power Source

The CSV-3065B has a powerful 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard commercial grade engine that allows you to chip a 3 inch diameter branch into tiny coin-sized chips. The Vanguard engine is engineered to robustly power this chipper dependably day after day. The engine features low oil shutdown, a premium lo-tone muffler, and a one-pull start carburetor. This commercial engine with its long stroke and high RPM level allow it to out work many of our competitors’ much larger chippers.

Greasable Outboard Bearing

The greasable outboard bearing is one of the key features in the success of Patriot’s direct drive chipper shredder design. The bearing supports the outer end of the rotor shaft and takes a significant amount of weight and stress off of the engine shaft. Less stress on the engine shaft translates into smoother chipping and longer engine life.


Direct Drive

Thanks to the use of our outboard bearing, Patriot is able to attach the rotor directly to the engine shaft. Most importantly this means more power! By not transferring power between belts and pulleys we do not lose power between the engine and the rotor. This also translates into no belts to break, fewer parts, less weight, and a more compact design.

Compact Size

Patriot’s chipper shredder design is very compact. At 24″ wide, 35″ long, and 37″ high, the unit requires little more space in your garage than a typical garbage can. The Patriot CSV is also small enough to fit into common vehicles such as mini vans and SUVs.

Light Weight

Weighing only 120 pounds the Patriot chipper shredder is one of the lightest units available. This makes the unit much easier to maneuver around your property or load into a vehicle for transport.

Side Discharge

Patriot’s chippers discharge processed material out of a side discharge on the unit. Use the convenient standard collection bag provided to collect the processed material and carry it to the location of your choice. If you prefer, the airflow through our unit will allow you to discharge the material a few feet away from the machine such as into a tree line.

Most of our competitors simply discharge the processed material into a pile on the ground at the base of the unit requiring it to be collected and moved in a separate operation.

Standard Collection Bag Included

Patriot provides a standard collection bag with all of its chipper shredders. This makes cleanup a breeze and allows you to easily transport the material you’ve processed.

Most of our competitors make you purchase a collection bag as an accessory, if they even offer one.

No Screens Required

Patriot’s chipper shredders turn your yard waste into fine mulch or composting material without the use of messy screens. This means no extra parts to keep track of and no screens to get clogged.

Click here to see Patriot chipper shredder output samples

Need Another Opinion?

Sure we’re a little biased about how great this unit is, but don’t just take our word for it.

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Minimal Assembly Required

Our products are designed with the average homeowner in mind. The CSV-3065B ships via UPS or FedEx Ground in two packages. The first package contains the factory assembled lower mechanical portion of the unit. For shipping purposes, the shredder hopper and chipper cone are shipped separately. There are only a few screws and nuts to install to finish assembling your unit. Assembly is very simple and typically takes 15 to 30 minutes. Detailed instructions are provided.

Click here for detailed electric wood chipper leaf shredder assembly instructions.

Generous Warranty and Patriot’s Promise

Patriot’s goal is to provide top-notch products and back them up with a generous warranty and superior customer service. The CSV-3065B comes with a 3-year warranty for residential use. If you purchase a product factory direct from Patriot Products, Inc. you may return it for a full refund within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied.

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Service/Warranty Repair

Because our products are designed with the average homeowner in mind, you can typically handle the routine maintenance of the machine without the need to take it somewhere for service.

If you need assistance servicing the machine or in the unlikely event that you need a warranty repair, the best thing to do is contact us first. While we have dealers and service centers that are familiar with our products, we can work with you to find a reputable outdoor power equipment center close to you that can service your product.

Still Have Questions?

Don’t despair, call us at 1-800-798-2447 or email us at info@patriot-products-inc.com

We want you to have all of the facts so that you purchase the product that is right for you.

Chipper Reviews

Click here to review ALL of Patriot’s customer reviews and testimonials

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 04/10/23

This is one of our best gardening tools, very solid, reliable, robust and sturdy, real old-fashioned American machinery quality you can hardly find nowadays. Easy to use, easily operated (and enjoyed!) by my wife. The only required observation – avoid jamming the branches, no hurry in supplying, and sharpen (or replace) the bladed regularly. Assembly/maintenance is pretty straightforward. Appreciate your business. With love from Japan, Vlad

By Vladimir, Tokyo, Japan

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 04/10/23

My 3065-B does everything I need it to do. Maintenance has been minimal, starts easily, chips and shreds easily. Oil changes are easy. Removing chipping blades for sharpening was easy. Instructions for this was straight forward.

By Richard, Anacortes, WA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/22/23

I needed to replace an Ardisam chipper shredder that I ran for 20 yrs but became extremely difficult to start. I was concerned that I needed electric start on the next one. Keith discussed the ease of starting the Vanguard engine with me by email and so I moved forward without electric start. He was spot on and the engine is extremely easy to start and the whole unit has worked wonderfully through some tree trimming and one fall season of leave mulching.>>>I did make my own pusher though with about $15 in plumbing parts at Menards :-)>>>Overall, extremely happy with the purchase. Thank you.

By Chris, Mahtomedi, MN

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/21/23

This is my second Patriot Chipper. I purchased the first one about ten or fifteen years ago. It had a Tecumseh engine. It was very hard to start. Nevertheless, it worked. I performed almost no maintenance. I never changed the oil. I never changed or sharpened the blades. After years, the oil ran very low. I topped it up. The engine blew a couple of weeks later. I mean it shattered in pieces. The chipper part was still good. I bought a replacement. The Briggs engine is tremendously better>>>When I got the new, replacement chipper, I assembled it carefully. It started the first pulled. It starts immediately each time with no effort. The Tecumseh engine was junk, but the Briggs engine is great. I intend to maintain it this time. I like the grease nipple that was added to the shaft. The only issue I have is the way which the bag attaches. It works, but sometimes one side blows off while I am working.

By Harold, Santa Barbara, CA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/19/23

I have had many chippers over the last 50 years, and this one is the best! I have had no problems with it. Had it for 7 years and chip 12-15 bags at a time, 10 or 12 times a year. Works great every time. As long as you keep the air filter clean, it starts up easy, even at 25 degrees. Sharpen the blades regularly, and it chips up saplings easily. My only gripe is that the spare blades are so expensive, and the screws that hold the blades are not sold separately.

By Daniel, Fremont, NH

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/18/23

My use of the the Patriot 6.5HP chipper is perhaps a little different than most. Living on the wetter side of one of the Hawaiian islands, I feed the chipper a different mix of cuttings than probably most do, and those cuttings are wetter than typical. The leaf mulcher basically doesn’t work in this climate…the material is too wet, and just clogs the system. However, the chipper is a must-have for the many palm leaves, branches, and other drier, more rigid cuttings found in my yard.>>>Before I purchased the chipper I called the company to see if they had experience with its use in this climate. They were up front about the fact that some material just wouldn’t break down, and they were right. Shipping to this island is expensive, and the owner of the company offered to split the cost with me, which was an incredible offer that I couldn’t pass up.>>>I love the chipper. It’s not perfect, but I am not sure anything could be.

By Art, Lawai, HI

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/07/23

The Patriot Shredder works exactly as expected. It has good power and handles long days well. I bought it primarily to help deal with our efforts to clear an invasive buckthorn forest. We have 50 acres of woodland and the buckthorn was overwhelming every nook and cranny where the sun touched the ground within 200 yards of our house. Everything 4 inches and over went to the firewood pile – all the rest went through the chipper. Leaves got shredded. Upwards of 600 trees worth without a blip

By Kevin, Stephentown, NY

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/02/23

The shredder works great. It is a bit difficult to start after sitting all winter, even though I drained the gas in the fall. The shredder I very noisy which requires the use of headphones.

By Bob, Heber City, UT

CSV-3065B – 2 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/02/23

I bought mine about 20 years ago. For the first year it worked ok.After that it was mediocre and really hard to start.For the past 15 years it has lived in a corner of the barn.I can’t get rid of it because of California environmental laws.So no I’m not jazzed with a $2000.00 chipper.Ya live and learn.

By Dan

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 02/22/23

Hardest thing for most chippers in the hardest hardwood and thick branches. This goes through those, although not as easy as the softer branches. Straight branches of soft wood are really fun. Not need to push, and you may have to hold back on it. Other branches are harder just because they go in several different directions and need to be pushed hard enough to get them into the blades. Super sharp blades work so much better which I why i sharpen as best as I can, and buy new ones may once a year or two. All other uses are easy. Corn stalks, raspbery canes etc/

By Terry, Hudson, WI

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 03/11/15

I purchased this chipper a few years ago to help manage our 1 acre yard, which has several different types of trees and shrubs. It does a great job reducing the bulk of the trimmings from all these various plants and allows me to use most of the output for mulch.

The chipper portion handles the Live Oak branches easily and can even handle smaller Cedar (Juniper) branches which are lot harder than the wood from most trees. I also use the chipper portion to reduce the fronds from our sego palms that tend to be pretty unwieldy and hard to dispose of when left full size.

The shredder portion works well for small twigs and branches. It also does a good job on larger leaves like Red Oak and Magnolia. The small Live Oak leaves are more of challenge and are not reduced as much but it still helps with getting a big pile of leaves into a smaller one.

The motor starts every time with 1-2 pulls and has plenty of power. The unit requires minimal maintenance, so far just routine oil changes and sharpening of the chipper blades. The other big plus for me is the product is made and sold by a US Based company. The instructions are clear and easy to follow as well.

By Bell Mountain Buyer

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Patriot Customer Review – Posted 03/05/15

I put the chipper through it’s paces, chipping branches that can get up to 2 1/2″. I actually broke the welds on the rotor and had to replace it, but even that was fairly simple to do thanks to the craftsmanship of the machine.

By Michael, Redmond, WA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 09/25/14

It is now Sept. 2014, I purchased my Patriot CSV-3065B 6.5 HP Briggs on May 11, 2011. I use it about 6 times a year to chip branches in the fall and during spring pruning. It has performed wonderfully. There are a few times when chipping wood with a lot of moisture (fig tree branches) when it will clog up in the chipper housing where the chipping takes place, but I’ve learned to recognize when this is beginning to happen and I just run a steady stream of water using a garden hose (this is not mentioned in the Patriot manuals) and it will create a sort of slurry that gets blown out the discharge chute. Then it’s back to work. . . . The cost of the chipper/shredder pays for itself when you consider what you would pay to rent one several times a year. An added bonus is the free mulch produced using the Patriot, plus I don’t have to otherwise drag the branches to the street and tie them up in small bundles for the wimpy Alexandria, Virginia trash collectors to haul away.

By Parks, Alexandria, VA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/19/14

This is the third of three chippers that I’ve owned and has been by far the best performer. While its predecessors came from reputable firms, they were made overseas, were hard to work with, difficult to service, and hard to start. Failures on both included carbs and magnetos. In comparison, the Patriot chipper rated at 6.5 HP starts on the first pull, is easy to use, and has worked flawlessly. It has proven far more effective than the (claimed) 8 HP unit that it replaced. This is the only chipper I’ve had that came equipped with a gas shutoff valve and a drain valve for the carb, which minimizes carb fouling between uses. It is very east to maintain in terms of replacing or sharpening cutting heads using only a few tools, and the accompanying manual is complete and easy to follow. I would recommend this chipper fully to anyone, but particularly to those who prefer their investments in tools to last for a long time.

By Robin, Seattle, WA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/19/14

The unit works great. I love it because its so light; excellent for one man to lift into a p/u truck. It also does the job as advertised. The Honda motor is of flawless engineering; it always starts in all weather. Kudos to theses japs, what a motor! The brigs and stratton motors of old suck, they never start; kudos to this Honda motor, The attachments that this company offers, to vacuum leaves, SUCK!. Don’t buy it. I tried all leave species, whether maple, plum or oak, it does not do the job. I got ripped off from this company on this piece of s*** product. The chipper is excellent, buy it! the vacuum system for leaves sucks the big one.::do not buy.

By Adam, Palos Hills, IL

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/10/14

I bought this product 2.5 years ago and use it for shredding wheat straw and to a lesser extent chipping tree branches. There have been no mechanical problems and it starts easily. The shredder leaves some pieces of straw longer than 10 inches so it could do a bit better on that. The chipper turns everything into small chips. There is a bit of a learning curve in that I clogged the chipper a few times before I learned how to load it. It was fairly easy to unclog and now I don’t clog it any more. All in all, I would say that this is a solid product and I’d buy it again knowing what I know now. Can’t always say that about big purchases.

By Roessler, Durham, NC

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/06/14

Takes care of leaves and trimmings from two acres of woodlands. Outstanding job. Love the ease of use and the Briggs and Stratton engine runs flawlessly. Recommend the hitch for towing if area is fairly large and not flat.

By Mary, Coarsegold, CA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/02/14

I was looking for a chipper worthy of my heavily wooded 2 acres. After much research, I settled on this unit and have had no regrets. It easily chomped down my 3″ limbs which I can now use as mulch or for compost material. I have been using it steadily for 7 months now and have had no problems. The instructions for assembling it were straightforward. It cranks up easy enough every time and seems very solid. I have used the hopper to some extent and would rate its chopping ability as slightly above average for twigs and leaves. I would recommend purchase of the larger bag for those with really big yards since the standard supplied one fills up rather quickly. I also recommend that users keep a solid 3″ round piece of wood handy for gently pushing in those small limbs that sometimes hang in the feeder tube and bounce around. Overall, this has been a high quality chipper and I am glad I made the purchase.

By Enrique, Pensacola, FL

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/01/14

This chipper/shredder works like a charm, I chewed up branches with no problems

By Paul, Spray, OR

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 07/31/14

Great chipper for our needs. We are in Massachusetts, and end up with a fair amount of fall and spring clean. This chipper has been very helpful cleaning up our yard. We have used it for leaves, small twigs, and large branches. Being on wheels makes it very portable as well. We can have piles of yard waste, and wheel the chipper to the piles rather than raking everything over to one area.

By Joyce, Weymouth, MA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 07/27/14

I’m real happy with this purchase.

It starts easily, and does exactly what the well written manual says it can do.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the manual with respect to running some water down the shredder when finished with a shredding job. This prevents material from drying inside the machine, preventing the need to remove dried out material the next time one uses the machine. I forgot to do this once, ran into a minor inconvenience the next time I used the machine dealing with dried up mulch in the discharge chute.

By Greg, Walnut Creek, CA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 07/26/14

This chipper just keeps running. It does very well with fairly large branches and outputs a very fine quality chip. It send the product through the outlet with so much force that I seldom have to spread out the chips. I just point the outlet where I want them to land. I use a spare log to help push bushy materials down in the inlet chute, but they also sell a plunger for this purpose. Its easy to move. its weight makes it a bit challenging to pull up steep slopes. I remove gas and run it dry in the winter. Next Spring, it started up just fine. Highly recommended for homeowners with a need for a good quality chipper/shredder.

By Butylman, Hackettstown, NJ

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 06/03/14

I bought one of these with the Tecumseh 6.5 HP motor about 14 years ago (around 2000). It’s been a real work horse, and I really couldn’t do without it. It’s chipped and shredded literally tons of english ivy from a tall fence at the back of my property, as well as various trees that I’ve planted and had to prune regularly or remove to make way for something else.

The Tecumseh motor is usually quite hard to start when cold. I’ve found through trial and error that richening up the idle mixture screw for starting helps considerably. But obviously this doesn’t apply to the current model with the B&S motor, which I hope starts easier than the Tecumseh. The Tecumseh motor is old enough that it actually has a user-adjustable idle mixture screw. I’m sure the more recent motors eliminate this feature, for better or worse. BTW, the machine used to backfire when shutting down before I realized the screw at the bottom of the carb bowl adjusted idle mix. After I adjusted that for max rpm, it no longer backfires. So it probably came from the factors leaned out too much to make the CARB folks happier.

The chipping is great. As long as the branch can fit down the cone, the blades will make short work of it. The shredding is good too, but not as easy. After using the shredder for over a decade, I finally removed the rubber shield over the shredding area, and have found that this makes it much easier to add material to be shredded. Yes, there is some toss back of chips and shreds, but I always wear glasses and have never had a problem getting hit by any of it. Kids, don’t try that at home.

I’ve had to rotate the hammers to get fresh sharp edges, and I’ve also replaced them entirely. I’ve hand sharpened the chipper blades as well. Also, have had to replace the outboard bearing twice now. You can tell when it needs replacement: It gets noisy and loose. I found a generic bearing online that’s less than half the price that Patriot wants. Just pull the old bearing, read the standard bearing number off it, and you’re good to go.

Most recently however the machine surprised by by suddenly breaking its wheel axle while it was just sitting there idling. The whole left side of the axle just broke in two. I was able to finish the pile of branches I was working on by resting the now wheel-less side of the unit on a cinder block. Not exactly looking forward to what will be involved with the repair. Notice that Patriot has a new assembly for about $100 including shipping. Alternatively I might try just drilling appropriate holes and mounting a new axle fabricated from 5/8″ steel rod from the local HW store ($10). The advantage to this is that it won’t require tearing the machine apart to separate the motor from the rotor. This is assuming I can grind off the other half of the axle assembly that’s still welded to the base plate. Such fun!

After taking a closer look at what would be involved with grinding off the old axle and trying to squeeze in nuts and bolts to fix a new axle from steel rod… decided to order up a new axle/motor mount plate from Patriot. I also noticed the tread on the stock wheels was separating from the rims, so got new wheels as well. Spoke with Keith, who I see is the owner of Patriot. He said the new wheels were a better, more durable design with a better real rubber tread instead of the plastic tread on the originals, so that sold me on them. And yes, fixing this will involve tearing the machine apart but nothing I shouldn’t be able to handle. Also gonna be taking some measurements to see if I can retrofit a 10 hp Harbor Freight “Predator” motor to the machine. The Predator has the advantage over the Tecumseh of not only being more powerful but also having overhead valves (and presumably also being easier to start). But I have to say the Tecumseh just keeps on chugging along regardless.

By Blingo

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 04/11/14

I am going into the third year with this. It is rugged, easily starts, and handles the material handily. Be aware that it has limitations, which are clearly described. For example, 3″ diameter is maximum. Branches should be fairly straight. Feed material slowly. Ignoring these rules, and it will clog. Best to chip fresh wood. Dry wood will certainly dull the knives.

It starts and runs very easily…amazingly so. I brought it out of winter storage and WAM!…started right up.

The maintenance (theoretically) is easy. Oil change is OK. Replacing the knives is OK, but I did have a problem. A knife on my original unit was NOT coming off. Turns out that the part that receives the thread was not welded on correctly. It was beyond anything I could do. So, Patriot shipped me a new chipper. The hammers? I tried to remove those, but it is beyond my capability. I dunno how it is gonna be done. Doesn’t matter. I do not really need to replace those, anyway.

Trust me. This is one darn good product! Don’t let its relative small size fool you.

By Hudock, PA

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 02/25/14

I’ve used this shredder-chipper for about a year as we clear an acre of invasive (holly, blackberry) species and lots of leaf and branch drop from alders and firs. It starts easily and dependably and runs well (although the directions for the motor weren’t great). The main learning curve has to do with size and moisture. Don’t expect to chip dry branches of any size or density. I now won’t put anything through it that’s more than an inch and even less if it’s hard. But green wood works great–rapidly feeds branches up to a realistic 2 inches (forget 3–that’s the size of the feeder opening). I can chip and shred a huge pile into a yard or two of mulch in about 45 minutes (you also learn how to stack brush with base toward the machine). Shreds leaves, cones, small branches really well but here the reverse applies: shredder works better on dry than green. Blade change is easy but, like all tools, it really pays to change more often than you think. Sharp cutters are a whole different machine. I love it and would buy it again.

By David

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 01/28/14

I gave this unit 4 stars because the instructions specifically said that the motor was shipped with oil already installed. The engine has two oil input ports, one of which was totally dry. The motor has a sensor that will not allow the engine to start with no/low oil level, which is a good feature. Oil fill points are recessed and hard to get to, so make sure you have a long funnel with a small tip. I filled the unit with Royal Purple, and it started easily. There is no OFF switch on the unit, you have to either pull the plug wire or shut off the fuel feed, neither of which I would consider nearly fast enough for something so potentially dangerous.

The hopper on top feeds at an angle of sorts, which can lead to slow feeding/clogs but is OK for the most part. As far as the chipper unit, plan on taking every branch and hacking off knots and limbs before feeding. The feed chute is also long, and curved limbs will need to be cut down or they will bind against the chute. I am satisfied with the units quality, it does well on gas and starts fairly easily, however I have found that limb “prep time” makes me prefer to just burn them instead. I would recommend for mulching leaves and waste matter, but the units chipping speed is seriously hampered by its design. If you have huge amounts of limbs to do, you would be better off paying a tree service to bring a trailer mounted chipper instead.

By Florida Farmer

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 11/19/13

This things does what they said it would. It is pretty impressive at chipping and shredding. the machine is not cheap or cheaply made. Great motor and solid construction. Don’t load up to much green and or wet material thru the top shoot or it can get clogged up. But other than the ocasional clog, it works very well. It is also loud so wear your hearing protection. It has made tree trimming and pruning much easier and way more beneficial as I use the end product as mulch.

By James, Atlanta, GA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 10/26/13

We have 2.5 acres of partly wooded land, and much landscaping with maybe 200 shrubs. We bought the Patriot 3090B (9HP B&S) about 3 years ago, and have been really impressed. It eats through straight weed trees up to 2.5 or 3 inches as advertised, pulling them through almost faster than I’d like. Bends and forks MUST be pre-cut, though the machine has never yet jammed in the branch feeder. I’ll used this machine for days on end in our yard and it consistently reduces huge piles of brush, branches and shrub cuttings to mulch with reasonably little effort. Things to be careful about: Vines can be a problem, especially freshly cut (green) vines. They don’t like to shred very well and have wrapped around the axle causing a tangle and overheated bearing (which was fine after disassembly and vine removal). One has to be conservative when feeding shrubs in the hopper top as too much at a time will jam the intake, and too much too fast can clog the outlet before all the material inside is chewed up and blown out. Same outlet jam occurs if you let the bag get too full. I use the smaller (supplied) bag, and just now bought another. The kind of chipping/shredding I do would weigh too much if I used the larger. A full day of chipping and shredding of shrubs yesterday resulted in zero jams, with the experience I’ve gained on this machine’s use.
All in all, this machine is one of the best investments I’ve made in tools for our property. We have only a small yard waste disposal area, and it is now continually being filled with mulch, which turns to soil in about a year, after which it goes into the garden as a rich compost. The Patriot reduces an amazing amount of material, including small trees, down to a manageable pile of compost.

By kenb

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 08/16/13

We just ran the chipper/shredder for the first time. It was our first time using a chipper/shredder. Branches, without too many minor bends, are eaten up like a champ. I now know that bucking them up will take a little more care. I was fun watching it eat young Alder trees, the bane of our area.

It starts easily, and moves readily around. I wish the handle was a bit taller, a hunchback move.

My only complaint it the literature. When two different books are needed to find how to assemble a very easily assembled tool, something is wrong. Then having to scour through a 3rd for starting instructions added to my frustration. There is no doubt they put a lot of thought into their design, an extra 15 minutes into their literature would have been well-spent time.

This is the first tool I have purchased that requires oil that was not included.

These minor chips on an otherwise well-built machine will be quickly forgotten in a pile shredded trees.

By Mark, Montesano, WA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 04/09/13

…Even some of the bowed ones and a few with forks. My last shredder required a lot of “force-feeding”, so the Patriot is a welcome change. I also noticed during assembly that I can get the knives out with minimal disassembly when sharpening time comes. I like the lower profile hopper for leaves better than the last one I had… Not a bad lift out of a wheelbarrow. I spread my first batch of wood chips on the garden path and my shoes are a lot less muddy after the recent rain.

By guod

CSV-3065B – 4 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 01/30/13

This chipper/shredder does all that I ask of it and seems well built. Occasionally the hopper will clog but that’s easily rectified using a small branch to help things along. I particularly wanted something that wasn’t made in China and to the best of my knowledge this is made in the USA.

By Cap’n Chris

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 12/25/12

Every chipper shredder involves a trade-off between safety and efficiency – make the rotors highly accessible, and you may end up shredding human limbs, but make the rotors inaccessible and the machine doesn’t work very well. I bought one of these about 10 years ago after using a different brand, and the Patriot was a great improvement. Well designed and very durable. The rotors are far enough down that there is no safety issue, but the chute is straight, so that getting the material to the rotors is usually not a problem (thought curved or gnarly branches will work better if they are snapped before shredding). The rotors create a vacuum which sucks the material being shredded into the rotors. I shred mostly plant stems – perennials that have been cut back and stalks from a vegetable garden. A cubic yard of material can be reduced to a few bags of mulch in about an hour. I don’t really use it for leaves but I imagine it would work well. My old machine had a Tecumseh motor that was very poor. I got tired of servicing it so I bought a new unit with the Briggs & Stratton commercial motor – it starts consistently on the first pull. I highly recommend purchasing a larger bag (available directly from Patriot) if you are going to shred a lot of material.

By Ken

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 09/17/12

Have only used it twice but am soon to really put it to good use as I have piles of limbs and more to come at this time of year with three fruitless Mulberry trees growing like mad. Have an electric, much cheaper model (nothing but problems), and this new gas baby is certainly up to the job I need it for.

Now since I have had or taken the time to use the chipper on the really hard work, I found it amazing for the job it was intended. In the past, It has always been a pain to set up and prepare branches for chipping (other chippers) but this machine is a joy to work with and performs fluently from the start-up to the shut-down. Very easy care and maintenance.

By Jeff, Concord, CA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 07/23/12

We looked and looked at chipper/shredders for some time and finally decided on this one. It has made our brush and tree clearing into a time saving project. Also, recycling the chips into our yard for weed control was an important factor.

We have lots of trees on our property and they aren’t small ones. So far, this chipper has done everything it was advertised to do. I would recommend it to any home owner that wants a quality tool that is made here in our country!

By Teri, Willits, CA

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 01/24/12

We compost for our organic garden. After shredding our old compost pile the end result looked like rich black dirt.

Starts easy. Easy to move around the yard. Love it!!

By Sue, Houston, TX

CSV-3065B – 5 out of 5 stars – Amazon Customer Review – Posted 02/04/11

This chipper works very well. It does what it was made for with ease. Performs great and I highly recommend this product.

By Beenie

Spare Parts

Genuine Patriot Replacement-Parts Specific To The Current: CSV-3065B Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder

Note: Most parts apply to all existing Patriot CSV-3065B Wood Chippers. If you can’t find the part you need listed below, CLICK HERE for a complete list of available Geniune Patriot Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Replacement-Parts.

CLICK HERE for an Illustrated Parts-Breakdown Specific To The Current: CSV-3065B Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder.

This list identifies all of the parts required to build this product:
Ill. # Part # Click below on the part descriptions to see part details Qty
1 888000218 Engine, CSV, 6.5 hp, Briggs 1
2 888000210 Engine mount/axle 1
3 302010215 Grinder housing,5,6,8,10 hp 1
4 325000615 Rotor, 6, 8, 10 hp w/1″ bore 1
5 103009035 Y-hammer 6
6 204009045 Y-hammer shaft, gas 4
7 211009075 Spacer A (short, plain) 2
8 211009055 Spacer B (short, w/hole) 2
8B 265001895 Roll pin sleeve B 2
9 211009355 Spacer C (long, w/hole) 2
9C 265001905 Roll pin sleeve C 2
10 810009015 Chipper knife 2
11 303010235 Center plate, 14″ 1
12 302010255 Fan housing, 14″ 1
13 888000179 Leg 1
14 400010365 Chipper cone casting 1
15 500050515 Shredder hopper, black 1
16 113010395 Discharge deflector 1
17 500050375 Chipper cone, black 1
18 114000345 Shredder hopper guard 1
700060405 Collection bag, std, 24″ x 36″ 1
20 709040005 Wheel, 12″ 2
21 888000194 Bearing, 1″ bore, greasable 1
22 888000098 HHCS, 5/16-24 x 1 4
23 705520005 HHCS, 5/16-18 x 3/4 2
24 751520005 HHCS, 5/16-18 x 1 3/4 2
25 705720005 BHSCS, 5/16-18 x 1/2 7
26 706850005 FHSCS, 5/16-24 x 5/8 4
27 888000253 HHCS, 3/8-24 x 5 1/2 1
28 716620005 Lock washer, split ring, 3/8 1
29 705620005 Lock washer, split ring, 5/16 4
30 705320005 SFN, 5/16-18 23
31 888000042 NILN, 1/4-20 8
32 888000028 BHSCS, 1/4-20 x 1 4
33 710620005 Flat washer, USS, 1/4 8
34 700020005 TFSPPH, 14 x 3/4 5
35 717520005 HHCS, 5/16-18 x 3 1/4 1
36 710220005 Lynch pin 1
37 703200005 Roll pin, 3/16 x 3/4 4
38 703100005 Key, 1/4″ sq. x 2″ 1
39 888000193 Greasable bearing shield 1
40 709920005 Push nut, 5/8″ 2
41 800070435V Decal, CSV, danger, vertical 2
42 800070445 Decal, caution, 4″ x 9.625″ 1
43 800070435H Decal, CSV, danger, horizontal 1
44 800070455 Decal, serial number 1
45 800070832 Decal, CSV, size limit, 1/2″ 1
46 888000209 Engine spacer, CSV-3065B, CSV- 1
47 888000136 SHCS, 1/4-20 x 3/4 2
48 888000137 SHCS, 1/4-20 x 1 2
49 888000055 NILN, 5/16-18 1
50 888000037 HHTB, 5/16-18 x 3 1/2 1
51 888000105 Flat washer, SAE, 5/16 2
52 888000117 Shim, 0.375 ID x 0.062 THK 4
888000230 Allen wrench, 3/16, 6″ arm 1
719050005 Allen wrench, 5/32 1
700000005 Safety goggles 1


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