Wood Chipper Shredder Cover


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  • Fits securely over the wood chipper even with the chipper cone on
  • Water repellent and UV resistant material
  • Draw string keeps the cover tightened
  • Resistant to stains and shrinking
  • Keeps Patriot wood chippers dry and rodent free

Fits on any Patriot wood chipper shredder.


Water, UV, and Stain Resistant Cover for Leaf Shredders

This cover is specially engineered to neatly and securely cover any model of Patriot wood chipper leaf shredder. It is made from water repellent and UV resistant black Dacron. The convenient draw string assures that the non-shrink, stain resistant cover will remain snug and tight without the need to remove the chipper cone. Keep your Patriot clean, dry, and rodent free with the custom designed Patriot Cover.

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Weight 2 lbs

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