Leaf Shredders and Lawn Vacuums for Fall Lawn Care

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Lawn Maintenance Equipment to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

Patriot Products has years of experience manufacturing yard maintenance tools including chippers, leaf shredders and lawn vacuums. Our experience and vast knowledge of the landscaping and gardening industry make us uniquely qualified to offer valuable information on the best lawn care practices. We are dedicated to making our customer’s garden and landscaping projects as easy as possible, which is why we manufacture our ergonomically designed chipper shredders and lawn vacuums with the highest quality materials.

The key to keeping your lawn looking its best is to provide seasonal maintenance using products you can trust for exceptional results. In keeping with our commitment to providing excellent customer service and helpful lawn care tips for any time of year, the landscape experts at Patriot Products are here solve your fall lawn care issues.

Fall is a pivotal season when it comes to keeping your lawn happy and healthy.  Dead leaves have many negative, lasting effects on your yard.

Why Keep Fall Lawn Cleanup a Priority?

There are several repercussions from inadequate fall lawn care. Using the right equipment and knowing the biggest threats of your leaf covered lawn is the key to keeping it healthy and beautiful. We outline the most important reasons to keep up on fall lawn and garden care below.

  • Keeps Your Grass Healthy: Dead leaves and branches block sunlight from reaching your lawn’s grass. Leaving debris through winter could possibly result in a patchy, dead lawn come spring.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Leaving dead leaves and debris on your lawn can quickly begin looking bad. Some neighborhoods and Condo associations have rules and regulations regarding the look of your lawn. Disregarding your lawn in the fall can potentially lead to fines or letters of request to address the issue.
  • Bug Infestations: Leaving debris and dead leaves on your lawn for an extended period of time creates the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of pests. Keeping a well-manicured lawn significantly reduces chances of bug infestations in your yard or even your home.
  • Allergen Polluted Air: Damp, rotting leaves can grow mold, reducing air quality and increasing allergens in the air. Your air quality can be greatly increased by keeping leaves and debris off the lawn.

Leaf Shredders Provide Fall Lawn Care Solutions

Patriot Products has the ideal solution for these fall lawn cleanup. Our inventory of top of the line chipper shredders make light work of the largest jobs. We manufacture our chippers to be reliable, easy to use and powerful. Our wood chippers come in a range of style including gas powered or electrical units. These leaf shredders perform at 1.5hp to 10hp, making them ideal for light residential use or heavy duty commercial us. To keep your lawn or garden healthy and beautiful throughout the fall season, simply gather leaves or branches littering the ground and feed them through the chipper cone. These user-friendly chippers require minimal work, making fall lawn maintenance simple and easy.

Innovative Lawn Vacuum Technology for Extensive Fall Leaf Cleanup

Years of experience in the lawn care industry has led to the development of cutting-edge technology designed for convenience and comfort. Patriot Products has the perfect solution to large or extensive fall lawn care projects. Our innovative leaf vacuums are a 3-in-1 tool manufactured to provide the most user-friendly experience possible. Patriot lawn vacuums can switch between shredding, vacuuming, or blowing capabilities without the use of multiple tools or extensions.

Fall leaves and dead branches are no match for this powerful tool. The 2ft wide vacuum makes quick work of even the biggest lawns. With a 12:1 reduction ratio, you don’t have to worry about hours of cleanup or collection. You can vacuum allergen producing leaves and shred dead branches simultaneously. Use the leaf blower mechanism to clear driveways and sidewalks without ever changing lawn care tools. These all in one lawn vacuums are affordable, convenient, and easy to use, making them the ideal choice for your fall lawn care.

Fall Lawn Care Products Built For Comfort and Durability

You can keep your lawn and garden looking great with any of our innovative lawn maintenance equipment. Every tool we manufacture is designed to provide maximum comfort, minimal fatigue and easy use. We use only the best materials to ensure long-lasting durability and years of use. Patriot Products has a reputation of being the best manufacturers in the industry. Our vast industry knowledge and many years of experience allow us to provide the most innovative and user-friendly tools available. Trust Patriot Products to help you keep your lawn healthy and happy this fall.

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