6.5 HP Gas 3-in-1 Chipper Blower Vacuum


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Wood chipper, leaf shredder, category 4 hurricane on wheels.

  • 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine
  • Chips branches up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Clears 24 inch wide path with every pass
  • Flip the lever to turn the lawn vacuum into a powerful leaf blower


6.5 HP Gas Leaf Vacuum Blower

The CBV-2465B 6.5hp gas leaf vacuum blower does it all. It is a lawn vacuum, leaf blower, and chipper all in one machine. This chipper has superior chipping capabilities with heat treated, high quality steel chipping knives. It will chip thick 2 inch freshly pruned branches by feeding them into the solid cast aluminum cone. The feed chute opening is 5 inches in diameter and shrinks down to 2 inches at the bottom of the chute, making 2 inches the maximum size for branches being inserted.

Clear 24″ Wide Paths

You can clear a 24 inch wide path with this gas leaf vacuum blower as it vacuums up leaves and lawn debris. The snout of the CBV-2465B can be adjust from 1” up to 6” of ground clearance, allowing it to provide optimal use on smooth hard surfaces and rough terrain. This feature makes it great for cleaning sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.

Sturdy Leaf Collection Bag

Special Y-flail blades reduce the debris and blow it into the 4 bushel leaf collection bag. If you prefer, you can direct the mulch back onto the lawn instead. The collection bag features a hooded vent which directs dust down and away from the operator. This expertly designed collection bag is easy to empty and can conveniently be emptied while the bag is still attached to the machine, making it perfect for spreading chipped material over your garden.

Powerful Lawn Vacuum and Leaf Blower

When the 6.5hp gas leaf vacuum blower is in vacuum mode, you can chip branches without changing the setup, this unit also converts on the fly into a powerful leaf blower. Our 3-in-1 yard cleanup machine is powered by a 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton 675 series engine, keeping this lawn vacuum quiet, powerful, and easy to start.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This Patriot chipper is backed by a 2-year warranty for homeowners and 180 days for commercial users. If you are not satisfied with our product it can be returned for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.  We provide these warranties because we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality chippers as well as providing exceptional customer service.

This machine is true leaf relief with its superior vacuuming, blowing, and chipping capabilities. You can end the fall leaf cleanup nightmare with the Patriot all-in-one cleanup tool, keeping your property clear of all debris.

Check out the Patriot lawn vacuum blower demonstration video for an example of the power and versatility built in to every lawn care equipment product we manufacture.

Leaf Vacuum Shredder Reviews from Real Satisfied Customers

Patriot’s chipper-blower-vac is an enlightened alternative to chubbier chipper-vacs. It’s easy to push up all but the steepest hills…Eight impeller vanes helped the 24 inch snout devour most wet and dry leaves in one pass…Don’t feel like chipping or vacuuming? A switch turns the Patriot into a powerful blower.”
Home Mechanix Magazine

I am very happy with my Patriot lawn vac. I really like the blower option for cleaning my driveway. Great Product!”
Carl, Menomonee Falls,

Be sure to check out our lawn and parking lot vacuum owner’s manuals for more information on our high quality lawn care equipment.

Buy leaf vacuum shredders for sale online from the best garden equipment suppliers: Patriot Products, Inc.

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 30 in

Why Patriot?

Why Buy a CBV-2465B

Lawn Vacuum Model Vacuum
Product Number: CBV-2465B Suction width: 24 Inches
Country of Manufacture: Made in USA Collection Bag: 4-bushel with dust flap
Gas Engine Wheels
Horsepower: 6.5hp Tire Type: Never Flat
Fuel Tank Size: .75 Gallon   Tire Size: 10 Inch
Feed Chute Overall Physical Dimensions
Opening Diameter: 5 Inches  Total Weight: 81 Lbs.
Bottom Diameter: 2 Inches- Max. Wood Diameter  Size: 33L x 26W x 30H
Number of Blades: 2

Other Features

  • 140 mph leaf blower
  • Adjust from 1″ up to 6″ ground clearance
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Xenoy Deck
  • Great versatility: Lawn vacuum, chipper and leaf blower in one machine

Why Buy A Patriot Lawn Vacuum?

Is this the right model for you?

Our model CBV-2465B is a versatile 3-in-1 machine ideally suited for the property owner (up to 1 acre) whose primary intent is to remove leaves from their lawn and shred them to reduce their volume, yet it still has the ability and power to chip up those smaller branches (up to 2″ dia.) generated during routine yard maintenance. As an added bonus, the unit converts to a powerful blower with the simple flip of a lever. The CBV-2465B is also popular for parking lot maintenance since it can pick up light weight debris such as cigarette butts and wrappers without the need to constantly bend over.

Patriot Lawn Vacuum Features 24″ Wide Leaf Inlet

Patriot’s lawn vacuum has a 24″ wide front inlet which allows you to suck up a large volume of material in a single pass. The snout can be set down low, with about 1″ of ground clearance, for use on smooth hard surfaces. It can also be raised up high, with about 6″ of ground clearance, for rougher terrain or when the leaves are really deep. Five height adjustments allow you to find the setting that works best for you.

Watch our 6.5 HP lawn vacuum demonstration video for an example of how our yard vacuum blower makes short work of leaves and other yard debris.

Lawn Vacuum Blower with Tapered Chipping Cone

Patriot’s CBV-2465B includes a convenient chipping cone that smoothly and gently chips and bags rigid materials such as branches and sunflower or corn stalks. This feature is always available when the unit is running and requires no changes in the setup of the machine to use. If you come across a fallen branch while vacuuming, simply park the unit, pick up the branch, feed it into the chipping cone, and be on your way.

The opening at the top of the tapered cone is about 5″ square so you can easily deposit debris for processing without pruning them down to perfectly straight pieces with no offshoots. The opening at the base of the cone limits the diameter of materials to be chipped to 2″.

Lawn Vacuum Features Heavy Duty Rotor

Now that your yard waste has safely entered our CBV-2465B wood chipper leaf shredder it meets a formidable opponent, the rotor. Weighing in at just over 14 pounds and measuring roughly 12″ in diameter, this is where things happen!

In this photo you see the top of the rotor and this unit’s two chipping knives (painted blue here for ease of identification). Patriot’s chipping knives are made of high quality tool steel, selected for its toughness, and are heat treated for wear resistance. Spinning past the end of the chipping cone the chipping knife is ready, willing, and able to turn your freshly pruned branches into coin-sized chips that make great mulch. These knives can reduce the volume of your freshly pruned branches by as much as 20:1. To sharpen the knives, simply remove the 2 bolts that attach the chipper cone to the housing and the 2 screws that attach each of the knives to the rotor. Sharpen using a simple wet stone or high quality file.

It merits taking a moment here to point out that any wood chipper that uses chipping knives is designed to process FRESHLY CUT BRANCHES. The chipping knives are able to slice through this fresh material which makes for smoother, faster, easier chipping. We realize that everyone gets the occasional dead branch that falls out of a tree that needs to be chipped and the unit can handle those occasionally branches. However, you will be sorely disappointed if you are intending to use the chipping cone to get rid of that mountain of nearly petrified wood that your spouse has been nagging you about for years.


Dependable 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Leaf Vacuum Engine

The CBV-2465B has a powerful 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton 675 Series engine. The 675 Series is Briggs & Stratton’s most popular line of engine and features a performance muffler for quieter operation, a large diameter rewind starter that requires less pull force during starting, and a one-start carburetor for consistent one-pull starts.

Large Shredded Leaf Collection Bag for Lawn Vacuum Blowers

The most common option for users is to operate the CBV-2465B in the “bagging” mode and accumulate the processed yard waste in the unit’s large 4 bushel collection bag until it is ready to be dumped. The bag features a dust flap to direct the discharge air away from the operator. The back of the bag unzips for easy emptying. You can empty the bag while it is attached to the machine by unzipping the bag and pulling/pushing the contents out. This can be convenient if you are planning to spread the material out over your garden or around plantings. Another option is to disconnect the bag using our convenient quick release clamp located on the deck of the unit. Then the bag can be easily removed and emptied into a compost pile, wheelbarrow, trailer, yard waste bags, etc.

Powerful Blower for Leaf Vacuum Systems

Patriot’s CBV-2465B has the added bonus of a powerful built-in blower that discharges air at approximately 140 mph. It provides the obvious benefits of clearing off a patio, driveway, or parking lot. Less obvious is how it can drastically reduce the time and effort required to vacuum up the leaves in your yard. Here’s how it works:

Most yards are not buried in a thick layer of leaves when we decide it’s time to clean up. Take the lawn vacuum to the center of your work area and switch it into the “blowing” mode. Make one pass across the work area. You will have sucked up, shredded, and discharged the 2 foot wide path below the unit. However, in the “blowing” mode you will have also cleared a 3 to 4 foot path to the left of the machine. Therefore, in one pass you have cleared a 5 to 6 foot path and not pushed around the weight of any leaves. Now turn around and do the same thing. In two passes, you’ve cleared a 10 to 12 foot wide path and only pushed the weight of the vacuum itself. Continue this process until you get a nice thick layer of leaves on the yard. When the leaves are 4 to 6 inches deep, switch the unit to the “bagging” mode and begin sucking up the leaves. While the bag fills more quickly, you are minimizing the distance you are pushing the weight of the shredded leaves. With a little creativity, you can do a lot of yard work with a minimal amount of effort.

Compact Lawn and Parking Lot Vacuum Blower

Patriot’s gas leaf vacuum blower is versatile yet is similar in size to the average push mower. With the handle collapsed, the Patriot CBV is small enough to fit into common vehicles such as mini vans and SUVs.

Light Weight Leaf Vacuum UnitWeighing only 81 pounds the Patriot chipper shredder is one of the lightest units available. This makes the unit much easier to maneuver around the yard or load into a vehicle for transport.
Need Another Opinion on Patriot Lawn Vacuums?Sure we’re a little biased about how great this unit is, but don’t just take our word for it.

6.5 HP leaf vacuum reviews and testimonials

Minimal Assembly Required for Patriot Leaf Vac BlowerOur products are designed with the average homeowner in mind. The CBV-2465B ships via UPS Freight in one box strapped to one pallet. There are only a few screws and nuts to install to finish assembling your unit. Assembly is very simple and typically takes 15 to 30 minutes. Detailed instructions are provided.
Patriot Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Blower Warranty and Patriot’s PromisePatriot’s goal is to provide top-notch products and back them up with a generous warranty and superior customer service. The CBV-2465B comes with a 2-year warranty for residential use. If you purchase a product factory direct from Patriot Products, Inc. you may return it for a full refund within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Patriot lawn vacuum warranty and return policy

Service/Warranty RepairBecause our products are designed with the average homeowner in mind, you can typically handle the routine maintenance of the machine without the need to take it somewhere for service.

If you need assistance servicing the machine or in the unlikely event that you need a warranty repair, the best thing to do is contact us first. While we have dealers and service centers that are familiar with our products, we can work with you to find a reputable outdoor power equipment center close to you that can service your product.

Whatever your situation, help is just a phone call away.

Still Have Questions?Don’t despair, call us at 1-800-798-2447 or email us at info@patriot-products-inc.com

We want you to have all of the facts so that you purchase the product that is right for you.

Spare Parts

Genuine Patriot Replacement-Parts Specific To The Current: CBV-2465B 6.5HP

Part #804001245 1/2″ Axle for Lawn Vac Wheels
Part #602022045 Spare Left Clamp Spring for Leaf Blower
Part #602022055 Spare Baffle Clamp Spring Right
Part #610021935 Baffle Discharge Clamp Handle
Part #601051855 Support Bracket for Wood Chipper Wheels
Part #888000026 Cable Tie for Wood Chipper Bag
Part #767051995 1″ Black Cap for Leaf Vac Replacement Part
Part #767052005 2″ Black Cap Assembly Part
Part #725051765 H/Adjacent Black Cap for Leaf Vac
Part #503001145A Cone Casting Part for Wood Chipper
Part #749020005 1/4-20 X 1 1/2 Cap Screw for Lawn Vac
Part #750020005 5/16-18 X 2 Curved Head Screw for Leaf Vac
Part #800071525 Warning Sign Decal for 24″ Leaf Vac Cone
Part #800071565 Left Decal Sign Relaying Potential Danger for Wood Chippers
Part #800071585 Right Decal Sign Relaying Potential Danger for Wood Chippers
Part #800071605 Blow Bag Arc Sticker Decal for Leaf Blower Vac/Wood Chipper Bag
Part #800071635 Caution Decal Sign for Wood Chipper
Part #800071645 Danger Decal Sticker for Wood Chipper Cones/Lawn Vacs
Part #800071625 Danger Stay Clear Warning Sign for Leaf Vacs/Wood Chippers
Part #800071615 Danger Rotating Cutters Decal Sign for Wood Chipper Blades
Part #800071535 Patriot Products Logo Decal for Lawn Equipment
Part #800071095T Throttle Control Decal Sticker with Bunny for Wood Chipper
Part #503001075B Engine Mount Assembly Part for Leaf Blower
Part #888000029 5/16-18 x 1 FHSCS Screw for Leaf Vac
Part #768800000 5/16-24 x 1 FHSCS Screw for Leaf Vac
Part #706850005 5/16-24 x 5/8 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw for Lawn Vacuums
Part #708052065 4.5″ Black Handle Bar Grip for Leaf Vacuum
Part #810051285 Handle Bar Grip for Steering Leaf Blower Vacuums
Part #641051255 Lower Ergonomic Handle Bar for Steering Leaf Blower
Part #641051276 Upper Ergonomic Handle Bar for Steering Leaf Blower
Part #920000005D-B Hardware Bag Assembly CBV
Part #753520005 3/8-16 x 3/4 HHCS for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #748500005 3/8-24 x 3 1/2 HHCS for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #756520005 1/2 x 1 1/2 HHSB for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #744520005 1/4 x 1 1/4 HHTFS Type B Screw for Leaf Vac
Part #735050005 Black Hub Cap for Leaf Blower Vac Wheels
Part #746520005 1/4-20 x 5/8 HWHTCS Screw for Leaf Vac
Part #747520005 5/16-18 x 1 1/2 HWHTCS Screw for Assembling Leaf Vac
Part #766520005 5/16 x 5/8 Type B HWHTFS Bolt for Leaf Blower Vac Handle
Part #757020005 1/4-20 x 2 5/16 J-Bolt
Part #705350005 5-Star Knob for Lower Handle
Part #800071716A Manual with CBV 2455H and CBV 2460 Parts
Part #752320005 3/8-24 NILN for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #888000074 Parts Kit for Replacing Baffle Discharge Port on Leaf Blower Vac
Part #990021235L Parts Kit for 5 part H/Adj Left CBV
Part #990021235R Parts Kit for 5 part H/Adj Right CBV
Part #888000059 Replacement Collection Bag CBV with Parts Kit
Part #325001165B CBV Rotor Replacement with Parts Kid for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #888000060 CBV Black Snout with Parts Kid for Leaf Vacuum
Part #990001215 Chipper Knife for Leaf Blower Vac with Parts Kit
Part #888000073 Parts Kit for Attaching Upper Handle Bar on Leaf Blower Vac
Part #990051305 Parts Kit for Installing Pin Plunger Switch on Leaf Blower Vac
Part #990040005FR Parts Kit for Installing 8″ Wheel on Leaf Blower Vac
Part #704900005 1/2″ Push Nut for Leaf Vac Wheel
Part #710920005 1/4″ Push Nut for Leaf Vacuum Wheel
Part #703120005 3/16 x 5/8 Rivet Flange Head for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #538031105A Blue Snout Assembly Component for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #538081105A Green Snout Assembly Component for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #624021925 Switch and Clamp Bracket Installation for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #800071295 Throttle Control for Leaf Blower Vac
Part #800052035 Vac Adaptor Replacement Part CBV
Part #601050625 Vac Handle Installment for Leaf Vac
Part #722050005 Vac Hose for Leaf Blower Vacuum
Part #503051115 Black Vac Tray for Leaf Vacuum
Part #507400005A Yellow Wing T-Knob for Leaf Vac Handle Grip
Part #888000067 Wire Harness B Part for Leaf Vacuum
Part #888000050 1/4″ Tap Wire for Leaf Vacuum
Part #832011045D Leaf Vacuum Xenoy Deck Assembly Parts

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