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  • Composting Guide from Organic Gardening Magazine
  • Learn How to Make a Compost in 14 Days
  • Make Your Garden Healthier


Learn To Make Compost in 14 Days

Making your own nutritious, high quality compost is the key to having a truly healthy garden, yard, or flower bed. Everyone from green-thumbed residential gardeners to seasoned landscapers and groundskeepers understand the importance and value associated with great compost. Patriot Products, Inc. is now offering a guide for making great compost in only 14 days.

The composting guide available from Patriot Products, Inc., your top suppliers of the best lawn care equipment, is 62 pages of composting information from the editors of Organic Gardening Magazine.

Organic gardeners with years of hands-on experience with working a compost pile wrote this book. The information, first published in 1982, is still accurate and valuable today. This composting guide contains chapters on how to make compost in just two weeks, how to make compost without a large compost pile, how to use earthworms in composting, directions on five easy-to-build compost bins, and much more.

Patriot Products, Inc.’s full line of gas and electric wood chippers and leaf vacuum blowers are the perfect tools for creating high quality composting material. Whether you’re shredding leaves or cutting branches into coin-sized chips, depend on our superb chipper shredders for sale online.

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