Choosing the Right Wood Chipper – Part 2

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Mulching and Composting with Chipper Shredders

See our improved wood chipper buying guide for detailed information in an easier to read format.

In the last entry, we introduced the most important question that you must answer when choosing a wood chipper shredder: what you plan to use it for. In this installment, we’ll look at three other critical questions.

First, how big is your work area? If it’s small and you can easily bring the material to the unit, then the size of the chipper doesn’t matter much. If your work area is large, a more portable unit like our CSV-2515 electric model, with its large wheels and built-in handle, would be desirable—assuming such a lighter model can still serve your needs in terms of reducing the material you have to clear. Otherwise, you’ll need to ensure that the chipper has provision for attaching a tow bar, so you can haul it around with a riding lawnmower or other small vehicle.

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