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Review of 10 HP Gas Chipper Shredders

Patriot’s powerful gas wood chippers are the best performing yard maintenance machines on the market today.  We guarantee you’ll love any Patriot chipper shredder.  We customer input seriously to improve and continue providing the best equipment.

We have chosen reviews for the 10 hp gas chipper shredder to make selecting the ideal yard equipment easy.  The following review provides a customer’s thoughts and experiences about our high powered gas chipper.

5.0 out of 5 stars
“Powerful Wood Chipper”-July 12, 2013

“After researching all the reviews and ratings of several chippers as a gift for my husband, I finally chose the Patriot CSV-3100B on the basis of so many outstanding reviews. We have a large garden and use organic gardening methods so he wanted a chipper that would take brush, corn stalks, huge sunflower stalks and put it as mulch back into the soil. He had been borrowing a friends large, well known brand chipper but because of the top heavy weight distribution, nearly had a serious accident when they were unloading it from the truck. So I decided he needed one of his own and started the search for the right one even though I know virtually nothing about chippers. The reviews of the Patriot were very important to the selection process.”

“My husband is thrilled with it and how easy it is to handle and move since the center of gravity is low. The engine is easy to start, very powerful and produces a very fine grind. He states its quality produced of excellent materials. We are also pleased it was manufactured right here in the US. He is singing its praises and would recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing a chipper.”

10 HP Wood Chipper Consensus

The Patriot 10 hp gas wood chipper has countless outstanding reviews.  This chipper shredder review highlights the ease of use and mobility of this powerful chipper.  Our customers love how easy the wood chipper is to assemble. They also appreciate how Patriot Products yard maintenance equipment is manufactured in the US with the highest quality materials.

Many chipper reviews focus on the raw power of this wood chipper.  The 10 horsepower gas chipper can be seen shredding branches and leaves in a matter of seconds in our demonstration videos.  Patriot chipper shredders are built for heavy duty yard work and made to last long.

Chipper Shredder Applications

Our 10 hp wood chippers are great for a variety of applications.  Landscapers and gardeners love this wood chipper.  The powerful chipper shredder creates high quality mulch from branches and leaves quickly and efficiently.  This wood chipper is also great for creating your own compost.  Patriot Products has also sold wood chippers to bottling companies, so they could easily shred redeemed bottle caps.

There are many unique applications our customers use Patriot chippers for.  We have had customers shred not only bottle caps, but bamboo, walnuts, pinecones and palm branches with our powerful chippers.  This heavy duty gas chipper shredder can easily cut up branches up to 3 inches in diameter.

Wood Chipper Maintenance

Patriot Products provides chipper shredder manuals and maintenance advice tips to keep your lawn maintenance equipment working like new.  We built our chipper shredders for long lasting yard maintenance and easy assembly.  If you have any questions about our chipper shredders or lawn vacuums, feel free to give us a call or submit a form online.

If your chipper shredder happens to break or clog, we offer customer support centers across the nation.  Search for a chipper shredder service center near you and our associates will be happy to give you a hand.  Patriot Products is proud of our great customer service and high quality yard maintenance equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or run into problems.

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