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CSV-3065B Gas Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Customer Review

Patriot Products manufactures powerful gas wood chippers for commercial and home yard maintenance. We carry the most versatile wood and leaf chipper shredders on the market. Read our customer reviews to learn why our chippers are the right fit for your needs.

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Great Machine”-December 25, 2012

“Every chipper shredder involves a trade-off between safety and efficiency – make the rotors highly accessible, and you may end up shredding human limbs, but make the rotors inaccessible and the machine doesn’t work very well. I bought one of these about 10 years ago after using a different brand, and the Patriot was a great improvement. Well designed and very durable.”

“The rotors are far enough down that there is no safety issue, but the chute is straight, so that getting the material to the rotors is usually not a problem (thought curved or gnarly branches will work better if they are snapped before shredding). The rotors create a vacuum which sucks the material being shredded into the rotors. I shred mostly plant stems – perennials that have been cut back and stalks from a vegetable garden. A cubic yard of material can be reduced to a few bags of mulch in about an hour. I don’t really use it for leaves but I imagine it would work well. My old machine had a Tecumseh motor that was very poor. I got tired of servicing it so I bought a new unit with the Briggs & Stratton commercial motor – it starts consistently on the first pull. I highly recommend purchasing a larger bag (available directly from Patriot) if you are going to shred a lot of material.”

6.5 HP Gas Chipper Final Thoughts

This glowing review is one of many on our Patriot Products, Inc. gas wood chippers. Our customers know our chippers are durable, safe and top performing. With a powerful engine, this chipper efficiently shreds branches up to three inches in diameter, reducing yard waste volume by a ratio of twenty to one. All Patriot Products, Inc. chippers are durable, and you can expect years of reliable service. The 6.5hp gas chipper has a portable and lightweight design to make yard work a cinch. This gas chipper shredder is more than capable of handling your residential and commercial landscaping needs.

Top of the Line Chipper Shredders from Patriot Products

Use the CSV-3065B chipper to shred branches, leaves and other lawn debris with ease. Whether you’re a landscaper or homeowner, the CSV-3065B wood chipper will quickly help you clear the most cluttered yards. Our Patriot Products gas wood chippers handle light, medium, and heavy duty shredding. Don’t forget to buy a chipper buddy to push branches down the chipper cone safely and easily. Order your Patriot Products gas wood chipper today.

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