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Customers review Patriot 9 HP Wood Chipper

Wood chipper shredders from Patriot Products are guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction.  We have compiled reviews of various chipper shredders to show you what customers really think about Patriot’s lawn maintenance equipment.  The following review focuses on our durable 9 horsepower wood chipper and how the chipper has benefitted this customer.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Patriot Chipper Aces Tests”- April 22, 2009

“The Patriot CSV-3090H Chipper and Leaf Shredder exceeded every expectation I had. Right out of the box, a single pull on the rope started the Honda engine. Since then I’ve never had to pull twice to get it going. Once the chipper is warmed up, it eats everything I want to throw at it. Old branches, new branches, old leaves, pine cones and multiple brands of twigs all generate a mulch my wife loves. The best news and first thing I tell friends is the Chipper is made in the USA. (No, it isn’t sold by Walmart). We need more companies like this who still take pride in quality workmanship. Then maybe American-Made can compete again.”

9 HP Gas Chipper Shredder Results

Customers are satisfied with all models of our electric and gas chipper shredders.  The 9 hp chipper is proven to shred branches and leaves quickly and efficiently.  Patriot Products lawn maintenance equipment offers convenient set up to get you started on yard work faster. This customer, like many others before, found this gas chipper shredder easy to assemble and start up.

We are proud to provide high quality, American made wood chippers and lawn vacuums.  Patriot Products manufactures all lawn maintenance equipment with sturdy materials to keep the machines functioning at peak performance.  Our award winning wood chippers are guaranteed to provide satisfactory results for many years.

Practical Uses of the 9 HP Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder

Many customers have found our gas and electric wood chippers perfect for clearing yards in the fall or planting gardens in the spring.  This chipper shredder chews through branches up to 3 inches in diameter and shreds leaves in a matter of seconds.  Gardeners have also found the 9 hp gas chipper useful for making high quality mulch for the yard. This chipper shredder is ideal for landscaping, gardening and building composts.  Electric and gas chipper shredders from Patriot Products are a vital component for high quality lawn maintenance.

Chipper Shredder Customer Support

Patriot Products guarantees you will be satisfied with all of our lawn maintenance equipment.  If you have any questions about our chipper shredders or lawn vacuums, we will always be happy to help.  Our chipper shredder maintenance tips guide you through the assembly process and help keep your equipment working like new.

We also offer wood chipper accessories and replacement parts.  The Chipper Buddy is a great tool for preventing clogs in a safe and effective manner.  Patriot Products’ Chipper Buddy is long enough to push material through the hopper, but stops short of the blades to prevent injury.

Our wood chippers are built with durable materials to last a lifetime.  In the rare event your chipper clogs or becomes inoperable, we provide lawn maintenance equipment service centers around the country. Patriot Products focuses on quality and excellent customer service to keep you happy with our reliable lawn maintenance equipment.

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