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Review Gives Candid Feedback on Patriot Chippers

Patriot Products gas and electric wood chippers are guaranteed to provide high quality lawn maintenance.  We have compiled helpful reviews from our customers to provide you valuable feedback on our reliable chipper shredders.  Our goal is to assist in selecting the best chipper shredder for you.  Patriot Products brings you the most relevant wood chipper reviews from satisfied customers.

Below is an actual review from a customer who purchased the CSV-2515 Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder 1.5 hp Electric (120V/60HZ/1PH). This is how we give shoppers honest write-ups, directly from the perspective of a consumer who purchased the Patriot electric leaf shredder and wood chipper.

4.0 out of 5 stars

“The Patriot electric shredder puts the joy back into the fall” – October 17, 2012

“Our needs – We have woods on three sides of our house. Each fall we get buried in leaves, twigs and sticks. The volume has been overwhelming. We also have a number of raised garden areas and plenty of flower beds.

Our answer – We purchased a Patriot electric shredder with a 100′ 20A extension cord. Great used units are also out there. Just keep looking.

Yesterday was the first time using the shredder. It did get clogged up a few times in the learning process but it took less than 5 minutes to figure out just how fast you can feed stuff into it to prevent that from happening. If you load too many leaves in at one time, they won’t get sucked down through the hopper. When that happens just take a small stick and push down in the right corner of the hopper to get things flowing again. Feeding things in slowly takes a little time but working with my wife, we can keep the shredding going non-stop. Makes piles of leaves disappear in no time. The shredded materials are nice looking and perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Best parts (short list) – It’s a neighbor-friendly kind of quiet and just fun to use. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to put away. No gas, no oil, no carburetor. What overwhelmed us in the past is now the fertilizer of the future. As a match for our needs, it’s perfect!”

Patriot’s Wood Chipper 1.5 HP Electric, 110/120v Now for Sale Online

This beaming review is one of hundreds. Those smart enough to have tried Patriot’s electric shredder find the groundbreaking features to be nothing short of amazing. The Patriot wood chipper boasts an ultra fast learning curve for any user. After quickly developing a consistent rhythm tossing in bundle after bundle of leaves, you’ll be shredding mountains yard waste, reducing its volume up to tenfold.

One of the most accommodating factors in operating the Patriot electric shredder is how much fun the machine actually is to use, especially with a fellow worker. Since the electric leaf shredder hopper is so lightweight, anyone can wheel it around your yard. Not only is this easier and cheaper than disposing of leaves, the landscaping and fertilizing benefits are unbeatable.

Chipped Branches and Shredded Leaves Make Rich Plant Food

Options for grinding down material include chipped branches, shredded branches or shredded leaves. Imagine all of the extra mulch and fertilizer you will generate for your flower beds. Made right in the USA, our Patriot award winning wood chipper leaf shredder needs to be fed leaves at a medium pace or can stop during self-feeding. If the chipper does become clogged from overloading, you can poke it with a small stick while still running or else flip the off switch, turn the unit over and flush out the chipper with a garden hose. To maximize the effectiveness of the electric shredder, pair your new machine with the Chipper Buddy, also available from Patriot. The Chipper Buddy will safely and easily clear out material and brush from your chipper.

Patriot chippers are easy to operate and boast the best performance on the market. We guarantee you’ll love the Patriot electric shredder, or we’ll buy it back anytime in the first 90 days.

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