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European Electric Wood Chipper Customer Thoughts

Patriot Products takes pride in supplying superior lawn maintenance equipment. Our extensive selection of high quality chipper shredders and lawn vacuums are great for both commercial and residential use.  Our award- winning electric chippers are designed with heavy duty material for long lasting performance. Count on the 240V, 1.5 horsepower wood chipper to shred branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter, leaves, wood chips and other lawn debris. We guarantee you will love our wood chipper shredders.

Our customers have found the electric chipper from Patriot Products easy to assemble and use. We carefully selected the most beneficial customer reviews to help you decide on the best wood chipper for your specific needs.  The following review on our European electric wood chipper explains why chipper shredders from Patriot Products are the most powerful on the market.

5 out of 5 stars!

“Industrial strength electric chipper”

“This equipment is very well built and works flawlessly. The electric motor is industrial strength! Assembly is easy following the directions. All you really need to do is fasten the hopper and the feed funnel. All of the mechanical parts are completely assembled and ready to go. Eye protection is included.  Consider getting the Chipper Buddy. Basically it is a ramrod designed so you cannot hit any of the cutting blades.”

High Quality 240V International Edition Electric Chippers

Patriot Products has built a high quality chipper shredder for our international neighbors.  All our lawn maintenance equipment is built for strength and durability to make fall yard cleanup easy around the world.  This excellent chipper shredder review proves Patriot Products has made their mark internationally and locally. The international edition electric chipperis built for use with 240V outlets for easy wood chipping and leaf shredding without the use of messy gasoline.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Chippers

Our powerful wood chippers are manufactured with consumer safety in mind. This versatile chipper shredder is fume-free making it safe to use in workshops and garages. Protective eye gear is also included with purchase of the electric chipper to keep debris from getting in your eyes. The chipper’s compact design also protects you from blades while feeding branches and leaves through the chipper cone.  The Chipper Buddy is also a great extension to ensure safety while using the chipper shredder.  It is designed to help push materials through the chipper and stops just short of the blades.

An easy to use hopper and funnel enable easy operation and optimal performance. Whether you’re a commercial landscaper or a homeowner looking to clean up your yard, trust the CSV2515l electric leaf shredder.

Chipper Shredder Maintenance

Patriot Products takes pride in our reliable chipper shredders and lawn vacuums.  In the unfortunate event your chipper malfunctions or becomes jammed, there are Patriot lawn maintenance equipment service centers available locally to provide you with the best repair service.

Our yard maintenance equipment is built to last and will perform like new with expert advice.  We offer professional chipper shredder maintenance solutions to keep your chipper shredder functioning as intended.

Durable Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Patriot wood chipper shredders and lawn vacuums eliminate lawn debris and help you maintain a beautiful lawn.  Our yard maintenance equipment is manufactured to last long and make yard work easier.  Patriot Products chippers come with a 90 day buyback guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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