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Choosing the Best Chipper Shredder

Need an easier to read wood chipper guide? Check out our improved wood chipper buying guide!

Finding the best chipper shredder for yard work can be a difficult task.  Patriot Products has a large selection of outstanding wood chippers – a buying guide can be quite helpful.

Patriot Products offers seven different top of the line electric and gas chipper shredders ranging from 1.5hp to 10hp. These powerful, hungry machines will make cleaning your yard effortless. This wood chipper buying guide will help you find the right tool for the job.

Leaves and Few Branches: 4hp Gas or 1.5hp Electric Chippers

Practicing regular maintenance on your lawn is important for keeping grass clean and healthy.  Smaller chipper shredders like the 1.5hp electric chipper and the 4hp gas chipper shredders are great for clearing their lawns of smaller debris.  These dependable chippers are ideal for quickly shredding twigs, leaves and small branches.

  • The CSV-2515 electric chipper provides high powered shredding without the use of messy gasoline or oil. Electric chipper shredders are ideal for clearing areas up to 100 feet away from an electrical outlet.  This electric chipper is also available in 240v for international use.
  • The CSV-2540 gas wood chipper is built with two different engines- one by Honda, the other by Briggs and Stratton. These chippers have a little more kick than an electric chipper.

Our high quality 1.5hp and 4hp chipper shredders easily chew through branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter, but you don’t get the speed of a high horsepower model.  These lower horsepower chipper shredders bring you the right amount of power for smaller projects.

If you are looking for a chipper shredder for larger yard clean up jobs, you will want our heavy duty chipper shredder models.

Leaves, Many Branches and Pine Cones: 6.5hp Gas Wood Chipper

Our 6.5hp wood chippers provide the happy medium between low powered chipper shredders and high powered chippers.  These gas wood chippers are powerful enough to shred through leaves, branches and pine cones in a matter of seconds while providing the portability of smaller chipper models.

The CSV-3065 gas wood chipper is lightweight and portable to make yard work across the entire lawn fast and efficient.  Patriot 6.5hp gas chipper shredders are also more versatile for spread out areas, because they are not limited by a power cord like the electric chipper and can be hauled anywhere.

Leaves, Very Thick Branches, and Hard Tree Nuts: 9hp and 10hp Gas Chippers

We have a fantastic selection of heavy duty chipper shredders to efficiently clear yards and commercial properties with large amounts of lawn debris. Our high powered gas chipper shredders come in 9hp and 10hp to provide a stronger engine for quicker yard maintenance which.  These heavy duty gas chippers quickly shred branches, pine cones, acorns and leaves into mulch.

  • The CSV-3090 gas wood chipper is built with a Honda engine to provide a smoother, quieter machine for large amounts of yard work.  This 9hp chipper shredder is great for shredding a variety of tree branches like oak, ash and poplar, and chews through hard tree nuts in a matter of seconds.
  • The CSV-3100B gas chipper shredders are the most powerful chippers at Patriot Products. These 10hp chippers are recommended for property owners with wooded lots who require high powered chippers to shred thick branches fast.

Our heavy duty 9hp and 10hp gas chippers can clean up large amounts of lawn debris in a matter of time.  Yard maintenance requiring quick shredding of larger loads of branches, leaves and vegetative matter, the heavy duty 9hp and 10hp gas wood chippers are the best. These top of the line chipper shredders are meant for keeping yards clear of debris and provide easy clean up for property owners.

Wood Chipper Accessories

Patriot Products has a variety of high quality wood chipper accessories available to make using your chipper shredder even easier.

  • The Chipper Buddy is an extremely helpful tool designed to safely clear clogs in chipper shredders without injuring the user or damaging the machine.
  • Our heavy duty wood chipper tow bars are available to provide greater portability with heavy chipper shredders to help you clean up your yard in even less time.  The 3 point hitch chipper tow bars are easily installed on heavy Patriot chipper shredders and conveniently attach behind riding mowers or garden tractors.
  • Our leaf shredder collection bags are tear resistant and can be securely attached to the chipper using the convenient cord lock.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our award winning chipper shredders are the most dependable, long lasting yard maintenance machines on the market today.  Whether you choose the more compact electric chipper for shredding small amounts of lawn debris or the high powered 10hp gas wood chipper for shredding large branches, we guarantee you love your Patriot chipper.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Patriot chipper shredder,  send it back any time in the first 90 days. We’ll refund your money.

Browse our selection of high quality chipper shredders to find the perfect chipper for your home or business.

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