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High Powered Chipper Shredders

Patriot Products manufactures a variety of wood chippers and lawn vacuums to make yard cleanup and creating composts easy.  Our dependable chipper shredders come in a compact 1.5hp electric engine to a higher powered 10hp gas engine.  The smaller electric chipper provides efficient shredding for smaller commercial yards without the use of messy gasoline.  Our heavy duty 10 hp gas chippers are built for quickly clearing debris from commercial properties and large residential lawns.

Shredding Pine Needles with the Patriot Chipper

Wood chippers from Patriot Products can efficiently shred a variety of materials including branches, leaves, bamboo and even pine needles.  The demonstrational video showcases our 4hp gas chipper shredder chewing through both pine cones and pine needles.  Our gas chipper did great shredding small, medium and large sized pine cones into fine mulch.  Pine needles were also shred into the perfect mulch in a matter of seconds.

Mulch created from shredding pine needles and pine cones is great for use as bedding around trees and bushes.  Pine cone mulch is also an ideal compost material for the garden. If you are looking for a chipper shredder to make fine mulch from pine cones and pine needles, trust Patriot Products lawn maintenance equipment.

Quality Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Patriot Products has the best selection of top of the line wood chippers, lawn vacuums and gardening tools. We also have a variety of lawn maintenance equipment parts and accessories available to make yard work even easier. The Chipper Buddy is a great addition to any Patriot Chipper. Use the Chipper Buddy to guide materials through the wood chipper hopper cone and avoid being injured or damaging the chipper blades. We guarantee you will love our Patriot lawn maintenance equipment. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Patriot Chipper after 90 days, we will refund your money.

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