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Every Wood Chipper Part You Need

Patriot Products is your number-one provider in superior wood chippers, lawn vacuums, ergonomic gardening tools, accessories and replacement parts.  Whether your lawn maintenance project is big or small, trust our dependable and affordable equipment to get the job done right.

We pride ourselves in quality and our yard equipment products have received numerous national honors. To ensure your machine is always performing at maximum performance we offer an extensive inventory of replacement parts and accessories. From engine mounts and replacement wheels to decal stickers and safety goggles, we have your all your quality replacement and accessory needs covered.

Dependable Wood Chipper Knives

With extensive use, wood chipper knives need to be replaced regularly to ensure optimal machine performance in gas and electric wood chipper leaf shredders. Chipper knives help cut up large branches to make shredding easier and more efficient. Our chipper knives are extremely durable and easy to remove for maintenance. We carry a great selection chipper knives for 1.5hp electric chippers to 10hp gas wood chippers to ensure all your equipment functions smoothly.

Patriot Chipper Bolts and Screws

Patriot wood chipper shredders are assembled using quality bolts and screws.  To keep your machine functioning at its very best, we offer a huge inventory of Patriot chipper replacement parts including screws and bolts for every model of our wood chippers. See our assembly manuals for easy-to-follow instructions on bolt and screw installation.

We have various sizes of bolts and screws including:

  • Hex Head Cap Screws
  • Button Head Socket Cap Screws
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
  • Split Ring Lock Washers

Sturdy Leaf Collections Bags

We carry high quality re-useable leaf collection bags to conveniently accumulate your chipper shredder waste. Use these durable collection bags on your next big lawn maintenance venture to keep your yard looking neat and tidy. When you’re finished, simply use the convenient draw cord to secure the bag and its contents. Stop wasting your money on low quality garbage bags and get our long-lasting, dependable Patriot chipper leaf collection bags.

Wood Chipper Leaf Shredder Covers

Keep your Patriot chipper protected from weather and wear with our durable covers.  These wood chipper covers come fully equipped with a convenient drawstring for easy coverage. All Patriot Products covers are made with sturdy materials for damage resistance from water, UV rays and stains. Keep your wood chipper leaf shredders looking and functioning at their very best with our affordable covers.

Extra Patriot Chipper Accessories

Patriot Products carries a large variety of accessories to increase convenience and safety when operating our wood chippers, lawn vacuums, and gardening tools. These accessories are made with high quality material designed for optimum functionality and lasting durability. Whether you’re in need of instruction manuals, safety equipment, or debris collection tools, Patriot Products has the accessories to keep you covered.

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