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Man Survives Fall through Wood Chipper

A man from Longview, Washington was sucked into an industrial sized wood chipper on January 30th, 2014. The wood chipper appeared to be turned off when Frank Arce was reaching into the chipper to clear a jam. To his surprise, the machine turned on and sucked him directly into the wood chipper.  Arce survived the trip through the machine and suffered only from a broken leg and hip, collapsed lung, and other minor injuries.

While this incident was caused by an industrial sized wood chipper, many every day property owners are harmed by residential wood chippers. Other brands of wood chippers clog easily and the first thought is to clear jams with hands or feet. This method has left people with severe injuries. Patriot wood chippers are designed specifically to prevent injury and make yard work less of a hassle.

Patriot Chippers Designed for Safety

Patriot Products designed the wood chipper hopper and cone to only allow the desired material through the chipper. Our wood chipper leaf shredders are created to keep you safe throughout the entire chipping process. The tapered wood chipper cone only allows branches in. The shredder hopper narrows down to 2 inches wide at the base to allow only leaves and small twigs through.

Wood Chipper Accessories Provide Extra Protection

We also have a great selection of wood chipper accessories for even more protection. When you buy a wood chipper from Patriot Products, we throw in a free pair of safety goggles to keep debris out of your eyes.  Safety goggles are also available for sale if you require an extra pair. The Chipper Buddy from Patriot Products is also available to clear clogs and push material through the hopper. Our Chipper Buddy stops just short of the wood chipper blades, preventing damage to your chipper shredder.

Patriot Products provides the safest, easiest to use wood chipper leaf shredders on the market. Clear your yard quickly with any of our dependable wood chippers. Check out the Patriot wood chipper buying guide to find the perfect chipper for your home or business.

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