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We may be a little biased here at Patriot Products, but we happen to think that our lawn vacuums are among the most versatile gas-powered gardening tools on the market today. After all, they’re more than just vacuums: both the CBV-2455H and the CBV-2465B can double and triple as power blowers and mobile wood chippers/leaf shredders as well. That 145-mph airstream will clear hard surfaces with ease, and if you come across a branch less than two inches in diameter, just run it through the chipper cone and it’s gone!

We also have customers who use Patriot lawn vacs to clean up large parking lots, because they’re so much more effective than traditional hand blowers and make short work of picking up dirt, paper, cigarette butts, and other trash.

Our vacs are great for picking up grass clippings from that lawn you just mowed, too. Not only does this leave the lawn neater, it helps you avoid the nasty lawn condition called thatch, in which a layer of organic debris builds up between the soil and the lawn, blocking air, water, and nutrient transfer.

Whatever you run through our vacuums, it’s shredded by the special leaf vacuum Y-flail blades in seconds, reducing the volume significantly. While you’ll want to discard any parking lot debris, any clean organic material from leaves, branches, grass clippings, nuts, pine cones, dead garden plants, and similar sources makes an excellent addition to your compost pile, and can often be used as-is for mulch.

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