Wood Chipper Accessories Buying Guide

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Chipper Shredder Vac Parts & Accessories for Patriot Chippers

Patriot Products offers a great selection of heavy duty accessories and replacement parts for our wood chippers to make yard work safer and easier. A standard size leaf collection bag and a pair of safety goggles are included with the purchase of a gas or electric chipper, but extras are always available online.  We also offer many more chipper shredder vacuum accessories for sale separately.

Have a specific wood chipper accessory in mind?

Chipper Buddy

Our Chipper Buddy is great for clearing clogs and jams in any of our gas and electric wood chippers. The Chipper Buddy is long enough to push branches, leaves and lawn debris through the hopper, but stops just short of the blades to prevent damage to the chipper shredder. This tool allows you to clear clogs without using hands or fingers, keeping you safe from accidents while operating the wood chipper.

Wood Chipper Tow Bars

Get rid of the strain on your back, arms, and legs with our tow bars for heavier gas wood chippers. These tow bars can be attached to the back of riding mowers and garden tractors for easy hauling. Our chipper tow bars have a 3 point design to keep the wood chipper well balanced while towing. Do not use the tow bar with high speed applications.

Leaf Shredder Collection Bags

Our wood chipper leaf collection bags are constructed with durable materials for years of use. Heavy duty rachell knitting was used for these collection bags, keeping them tear resistant. A draw string and cord lock keep the bag securely attached to the chipper. These collection bags can be used with any brand of wood chipper. We have standard and jumbo size leaf collection bags for transporting shredded leaves and lawn debris. The large leaf collection bag is 70% larger than the standard size and measures 24 by 60 inches.

Wood Chipper Covers

Patriot Products designs wood chippers to provide years of dependable wood chipping and leaf shredding. Protecting your chipper shredder from the elements is important to preserving the life of the machine. Sturdy wood chipper covers are available to provide water repellence and UV resistance during any season. These covers fit snugly over both the wood chipper and the chipper cone. A draw string is also attached to the cover, so you can fasten it securely and keep rodents and moisture out. Our Patriot wood chipper covers are shrink resistant and built to last, allowing you to use these heavy duty covers year after year.

Electric Wood Chipper Extension Cords

Patriot electric wood chippers are lightweight and make yard work easy for home owners. The electric chipper requires a heavy duty 12 gauge extension cord to deliver the right amount of power to the chipper without blowing a fuse. Most homeowners use a heavy duty orange extension cord for their appliances.  The orange power cords usually only 14 or 16 gauge and won’t provide enough power.

The electric chipper extension cord from Patriot Products will provide the right amount of power and last years.  Heavy duty construction protects the cord from wear due to weather conditions and abrasion.

Replacement Parts for Patriot Chippers

We have high quality wood chipper replacement parts available for both our gas and electric chipper shredders. These parts are built to last long and make wood chipper maintenance easier. A wide variety of replacement parts are available like chipper knives, y-hammers, bolts, and screws. Take a look at our list of wood chipper replacement parts to find the exact part you need.

Other Wood Chipper Accessories

Take a look at Patriot Product’s full inventory of chipper shredder accessories for more helpful equipment and resources.  Safety goggles are available to keep lawn debris out of your eyes during yard work.  Composting guides are also available to give you step by step instructions on how to create a compost to make your garden even healthier. We strive to provide you with the most important tools and resources to provide the best lawn maintenance equipment on the market.

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