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Branch Chipper Parts and Accessories

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Composting Booklet 888000088 $5.95
CSV cover 888000082 $76.00
Jumbo Size Leaf Collection Bag 888000100 $55.00
100 Ft. Electric Wood Chipper Extension Cord 888000084 $115.00
Standard Size CSV Collection Bag 888000061 $45.00
Tow bar kit 888000064 $174.00
Chipper Buddy 888000227 $45.00
Parts kit, chipper knife, 3" 990000015 $85.00
Parts kit, y-hammer, gas 993090035 $85.00
Parts kit, chipper knife, elec 990000012 $50.00
Parts kit, y-hammer, electric 993090032 $85.00
Parts kit, chipper knife, CBV 990001215 $85.00
Parts kit, flail blade 990091225 $39.00
Gator Grabber 500C 888000232 $55.00
Parts kit, blower vac upgrade 888000249 $150.00
Patriot Bearing Removal Tool 888000257 $49.95
Patriot Leather Glove 888000259 $15.95 View Product

Composting Guide, Leaf Collection Bags, and 3 Point Wood Chipper Hitch for Sale Online

Patriot Products has a wide variety of high quality product accessories for use with our lawn and garden inventory. Our accessories are available to increase safety and convenience when using our chippers, lawn vacuums and garden tools. Protect your Patriot chipper investment with a CSV cover or reach maximum distances with a 100ft extension cord for the reliable electric chipper shredder.

These accessories are made with the highest quality materials at Patriot Products for lasting durability and exceptional functionality. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible tools to get the job done. Whether you are in need of composting instruction or convenient waste collection tools, Patriot Products has the accessories for you.

Our many years of experience in the lawn and garden industry have given us a unique perspective on designing user-friendly tools. Our innovative wood chippers, lawn vacuums and garden tools are a comfortable, durable and affordable choice for your landscaping projects. With the high quality accessories from Patriot, you can add even more convenience, safety and protection to our exceptional lawn and garden tools. Learn more about Patriot’s tool accessories today to extend the life of your investment or to make your landscaping job even easier.

Shop reliable and sturdy wood chippers from Patriot Products to make yard clean up easy.