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Chipper Buddy – The Perfect Tool for Clearing Brush, Branches, and Leaves

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Chipper buddy

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Product Number: 888000227
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  • Safe and easy to use
  • Long enough to push material through the hopper
  • Stops short of the blades to prevent damage to the wood chipper
  • Clears chipper clogs and jams

Great for any Patriot gas or electric chipper shredder.


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About This Product...

Leaf Shredder Tool for Safely Removing Jams and Clogs

Patriot wood chipper shredders are an amazing tool for cleaning up your yard and getting rid of your unwanted brush, branches, and leaves. Our hardworking, long lasting chippers can tear through your yard waste with ease, but sometimes the hopper or cone might become clogged with material. When this occurs, reach for the Chipper Buddy, Patriot Products, Inc.’s safe and easy to use material clearing product.

The Chipper Buddy is designed for use with all Patriot chipper shredders. This handy tool offers a safe and easy way to help clear material from your chipper. The Chipper Buddy's proprietary shape allows users to push branches, leafs, twigs, and other yard debris in to the hopper and cone but stops short of coming into contact with the cutting surfaces. This keeps fingers and hands safe and greatly reduces the chance for accidents.

From commercial landscaping companies to green-thumbed homeowners, the Chipper Buddy is best choice for carefully and quickly clearing those pesky jams and clogs.

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