Heavy Duty Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers Exceeding User Expectations

Patriot wood chippers are built strong to last through many seasons of heavy yard work jobs.  The durable design and structure we have created for each chipper has even allowed customers to regularly use our chippers for over 10 years.  Though the power of each heavy duty chipper’s motor varies, the overall power of our wood chippers is undeniable.  They can easily chip freshly pruned branches up to 3 inches in diameter and shred pile after pile of leaves.

Our heavy duty wood chipper leaf shredders will outperform many of our competitor’s larger chippers.  With an exceptional design, our compact chippers are easy to clean and maintain.  When your chipper knives need sharpening or changing, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to disassemble our chipper and then put back together again.  When you want your yard clean up to be quick and easy, or desire finely chopped mulch for your landscape or garden, choose our Patriot wood chippers.  You will not be disappointed!

How Do Patriot’s Heavy Duty Chippers Compare?

Our Patriot heavy duty chippers compare greatly when it comes to power.  No matter which chipper you choose, you can be sure it will give you the results you want.  If you have a smaller residential or commercial property, with the intent on chipping branches half the time and shredding leaves the other half, our 6.5hp wood chipper is perfect.  If you have a larger wooded lot and plan on using the chipping capabilities much more than the chipper’s shredding abilities, the 9hp or 10hp chipper is the right choice.  How these two particular chippers differ is the type of engine each uses.  The 9hp chipper has a Honda engine while the 10hp chipper is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard commercial engine.

The 10hp chipper’s Briggs and Stratton engine has exceptional power. This wood chipper has special features including super lo-tone muffler and overhead valve design, allowing for quiet and fuel-efficient operation.  Though the 9hp chipper has less horsepower than the 10hp, its Honda motor gives it enormous power and allows it to stay much quieter than other chippers while smoothly chipping large amounts of branches.  Our chippers are immensely powerful and long lasting. The right choice comes in the type of property you have and the types of lawn debris you have.

How Do You Choose Between a Heavy Wood Chipper, Light Wood Chipper, and Lawn Vac?

When choosing the right wood chipper, your chipping and shredding needs should factor into the decision greatly.  If you need a chipper shredder to handle large piles of freshly pruned branches on a regular basis, a heavy duty wood chipper will work best.  If you only need a chipper for occasional branches and will utilize its leaf shredding capabilities more often, a lighter wood chipper is ideal.  When your debris clean-up mostly involves removing leaves from the lawn, drive way, parking lot, or other flat surfaces, a lawn vacuum is the machine for you. The lawn vacuum allows you to chip branches up to 2” in diameter, and also picks up, shreds, and disposes of leaves and other vegetative matter in your yard.  The question is not: “Is a Patriot wood chipper the right choice for me”, because the answer is YES!  The question is, WHICH Patriot wood chipper is right for me?  Read our wood chipper reviews to find your answer.