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The Chipper Buddy from Patriot Products, Inc.

The Chipper Buddy from Patriot Products, Inc.

Wood Shredder Tool for Chipping Leafs, Branches, and Lawn Debris

The Chipper BuddyYou've asked for it and now Patriot is delivering. Patriot is proud to introduce The Chipper Buddy, our newest innovation in wood chipper supplies. The Chipper Buddy is designed for use with all models of Patriot chipper shredders. It offers a safe and easy way to help clear material from your chipper.

The Chipper Buddy's unique shape allows you to push material through the hopper and cone but stops short of coming into contact with the cutting surfaces. See video of the Chipper Buddy being used on leaves, cornstalks, and palm branches.

Patriot gas and electric chipper shredders turn branches into coin sized pieces in a matter of seconds. Our chipper shredders and accessories are created with durable materials to keep your machinery lasting for years. 

Shop high quality wood chipper shredders from Patriot Products for a great selection of lawn maintenance equipment.


Chipper Buddy The Chipper Buddy
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