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CSV-3100B - 5 out of 5 stars - Amazon Customer Review - Posted 07/10/16

I am very happy with my 10 hp B&S Patriot. I previewed a lot of different models and quite honestly was concerned that none of them would do the job. After 5 chipping sessions I am ready to give it the 5 star review. First I really thought the assembly instructions were excellent (and funny!) and the assembly engineering was extremely well thought out. The chipper is easily handling the brush from our 5 acre piece and it chews up 2-3 inch pieces of wood easily, with tolerable vibration. The leaf shredding is even easier and that fall project may actually be enjoyable this year. The chipper bag is holding up well and I am thinking of ordering a 2nd bag just so we can keep shredding while one of us dumps the chips. And the chips are great. We are using them all over our trails etc. Hats off to the manufacturer on this one - a great product that does its job as advertised.  By Amazon Customer

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