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CSV-2515 - 4 out of 5 stars - Amazon Customer Review - Posted 07/04/16

Years ago, I had mixed experience with a gasoline-powered Troy Bilt ChipperVac. I bought that way back when Troy Bilt machines were actually being built in Troy, NY instead of China. It was effective at what it did, but what a job to manage that giant machine and keep it in repair. They don't build them like that anymore and it's a good thing that they don't!

This electric unit is much better suited for what my senior citizen body is doing these days. It's easy to roll around, has no gas engine issues and pretty effectively chips branches up to a couple of inches in diameter. I've also been using it to grind pine needles and cones. The volume reduction is impressive and makes disposal or recycling much easier.

The same caveat applies here as applies to any chipper: One can't feed it material faster than it wants to be fed. What little time one might save by shoving in wood or other material faster can be lost when the chipper becomes overloaded, gummed up, overheated, or whatever. That said, the electric motor on this chipper is very tough and thermally protected, making a shutdown/unplug/clean-out/restart cycle quick, safe and easy. Well, easier than a gas engine, anyway.

I expect that a machine like this will be needing parts over time. Patriot Products at least appears to be a stable domestic source. I'll update this review, and perhaps add or subtract a rating star, when repair time comes.  By CPDay

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