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CSV-3100B - 4 out of 5 stars - Amazon Customer Review - Posted 06/24/16

Works pretty much as expected. Assembly instructions might have been a little clearer--e.g., it would have been helpful if they revised the instruction manual instead of including a separate "addendum" (which I didn't find until later) that explains where the main instruction manual is no longer accurate, and low-quality photos are hard to interpret. And it was disappointing to read in the owner's manual that you only get "normal" life of the chipper blades (i.e., time before you have to take them out and have them sharpened) if you chip "green" branches. Am I the only one who needs to chip mostly dead branches that fall off the trees on my property? Not sure whether this is a problem of this particular chipper or just a fact of life for chippers generally. On the plus side, it appears that the blades can be removed for sharpening relatively easily--though I haven't actually done that yet.  By SesZon

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