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CSV-2515 - 4 out of 5 stars - Patriot Customer Review - Posted 05/17/16

I really love the chipper when it works, especially for long 1-1/2" diameter branches or less.

But often I'll have problems when I trip the electric breaker, like when green material gets gunked up and bogs down the machine, hard branches bog down the machine and dance around in the cone sometimes shooting back out, or wood gets stuck in the blade of the chipper and spins around making noise.

I wish I had more uses for the shredder top bin but most things seem to just clog up the shredder.

I may have been better off with a more powerful gas chipper. (But didn't want the maintenance)

Other than that, it works great! Still worth the cost and seems like it's in good shape.  By Ty, Pomona, CA

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