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CBV-2455H - 4 out of 5 stars - Patriot Customer Review - Posted 05/15/16

I was skeptical that this lawn vacuum would perform in the wet falls of the Pacific NW, but with a magnolia tree dropping leaves all summer, and after talking with Keith, I made the purchase. It arrived in mid-summer and exceeded my expectations with the magnolia leaves and performed well through mid-October before the rains came. It did take me a while to learn that it was more efficient to blow the leaves together into long lines, then work the machine more like a home vacuum, than to push it like a lawn mower. I learned another lesson when I attempted to vacuum very wet leaves after several days of rain. What I didn't expect was how waterlogged and heavy the cloth bag would get. That was one long and tiring day. The next time I cleaned up leaves I let them dry a couple of days. While still not dry, they were much easier to deal with. All in all this lawn vacuum has exceeded my expectations and does a better job than anything I have tried. I would definitely make this purchase again.  By John, Junction City, OR

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